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Get to Obtain (UK) Business Formation Accounting & administration Directors Service Address: Protect Your Personal Details Benefits of Registering a Limited Company With Coddan & Get Directors Service Address

Benefits of Registering a Limited Company With Coddan & Get Directors Service Address

The easiest way to start a new company formation
#1. Summary
#2. Disclosures Relating to the Directors and LLP Members Service Address
#3. Benefits of Registering a Limited Company With Coddan & Get Directors Service Address

Benefits of registering a limited company with Coddan & get the directors service address

Directors Service Address

Companies House does not itself render any charge for the use of a services address but in some situations, a private provider of such facilities might render a charge for its use.

The choice of whether to use a third party service office address instead of the member's residential location can be made on an individual basis. Some appointees may view the disclosure of their residential addresses to the public an option they are willing to undertake.

Others might have differing views. Recent pronouncements on identity thief particularly though internet fraud might increase the numbers of members wanting to take advantage of the new identity protections. In fact, there are few obvious disadvantages pertaining to using a service address for a private company's members given that the correspondence between Companies House and individual officers is infrequent. Such direct contact is usually only made when letters sent to the registered office are returned as undeliverable.

Directors Service Address from Coddan

Directors' Service Address from Coddan

Upon a new limited company registration or LLP establishment with Coddan, you will have an opportunity to use our address in London, as your legal office address, address for the inspections by a third party or government representatives, and you can use the same address from Coddan as your directors or LLP members service address. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

Coddan provides members service address facilities in London. The service is both efficient and reliable and utilises the same proven mechanisms used for both the statutory and business mail sorting services.