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Disclosures Relating to the Directors and LLP Members Service Address

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#1. Summary
#2. Disclosures Relating to the Directors and LLP Members Service Address
#3. Benefits of Registering a Limited Company With Coddan & Get Directors Service Address

Disclosures relating to the directors and LLP members service address

LLP Members Service Address

The first of these is a service address, which will be published on the Companies House website and available to the general public who choose to pay a nominee fee to download the information.

A member's service address provision permits private company members to depart from the previous requirement to display their residential details to the wider public and provides them with a choice which type of location they display to enquiring individuals.

The types of locations which might be used as a members service address can broadly be placed in to three categories:

1. The first of these is the residential address. There is nothing in the Companies Act 2006, which prevents a member from using their home location as their service address. In such cases, the two sets of address information given by a director will be identical.

2. A second option would be to use the company-registered office as the service address. This is a common option particularly where a third party facility is used.

It has the advantage of affording the member privacy as regards to where they live.

3. A third option, which is slightly less popular, would be to use a different location, which the company does not use as its registered office address. This scenario might be utilised where a company has multiple outlets or members or where the registered office cannot provide member service address support.

Whilst in the majority of situations the members' service address might be the company's registered office (where a third party facility is used) the Companies Act allows any alternative location to be used.

Any such service address used should be capable of accepting Companies House documents and reaching the designated member within a reasonable period. The ability for a given member to use a non-residential location as their service address does not by any means require that they do so.