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Filing of LLP Annual Accounts Online

Filing of an LLP annual accounts: limited liability partnerships (LLP) must file their annual accounts separately from any individual businesses that the LLP members may own. Forming an LLP has many positives including tax benefits and risk minimisation. The annual accounts need to be completed by one party who has been designated as being responsible to sign and deliver the accounts. The accounts compile the business activities of the LLP members as if a solitary limited company. It is vitally important that the LLP annual accounts are filed by the given date. If the date is not complied with, members of the LLP may find themselves issued with a fine. Coddan™'s team of UK company formation and LLP registration and LLP post-formation experts are on hand to take the arduous task off you. As an LLP incorporation firm with many years of experience, we know just what you can and cannot do whilst remaining within the constraints of the law. Contact us today and find out more about how we can help with the preparation and filing of annual accounts for your LLP.

  Filing of a Limited Liability Partnership Annual Accounts

We charged £200.00 for the filing of dormant LLP account. Coddan Ltd are currently charging £850.00 for the preparation and filing of annual accounts for the active LLPs. This charge is for the active limited liability partnership that processes up to ten transactions a year. Starting from just £1,200, this cost is for limited liability partnerships whose transactions number more than ten and will see your annual accounts filed with both the Companies House and HMRC.

Price: £200.00

LLP and filing of annual accounts requirements

The law on LLP tax returns: limited liability partnership tax returns must also be compiled and submitted on an annual basis. As the LLP is taxed as an individual entity, the tax advantages enjoyed by LLPs are enforced as the members get to attain the best tax rate by effectively sharing their profit and loss. Due to the large number of factors involved in compiling a tax return for a limited liability partnership, the paperwork required is vast to ensure that you fully and correctly comply with all legal aspects.

Avoiding fines: remember it is a criminal offence not to file annual accounts for your limited liability partnerships. It could lead to a number of penalties including, a heavy fine being imposed by HMRC for non-compliance, or being removed from the public register by Companies House. They may even take it a step further and seek to take action against the partners of the LLP. The strict deadlines must be adhered to in order to avoid the above, so to prevent any unnecessary worry and stress, contact us at Coddan™ to see how we can provide support and guidance throughout the process. We can ensure that all paperwork is compiled and collated correctly and in a timely manner to make sure that deadlines are met and penalties avoided.

When to file an annual accounts for an LLP?

Filing of an LLP Annual Accounts

Assistant with preparation and filing of limited liability partnership annual accounts: a limited liability partnership is a fantastic vehicle for streamlining your tax affairs, but like any business you must ensure that you have completed all the relevant annual tax returns to make the most of the structure and avoid potential penalties and fines. If you're in doubt, Coddan℠ can help with the preparation and filing of your limited liability partnership annual accounts. From the partnership tax return through to individual members' self-assessments, should they be required, Coddan™ can guide you through your end of year LLP tax requirements and make sure you protect your profits.

LLP post incorporation services

LLP Annual Accounts Service

LLP annual accounts obligation: a limited liability partnership consists of a minimum of two members, who are people, companies, trusts or partnerships. They have come together to create a new limited liability partnership, that must file its own accounts separately from the individual businesses owned by the members. There are many advantages to forming an LLP which include tax benefits, organisational advantages and minimising risk.

After an LLP start up, the annual accounts obligation of a partnership is fulfilled by one member of the group who is designated as the person responsible for signing and delivering the accounts. The accounts will cover the business activities of all members of the LLP, as if it were one company. They must be filed by a given date with the Registrar of Companies. Failure to deliver the accounts, which provides  annual account information for all members, will result in members being fined.

Tax returns for LLPs should be filed annually with the Inland Revenue. The partnership will be taxed as one person and the tax advantages enjoyed by LLPs come about because members can achieve the best possible tax rate for the group by profit and loss sharing. When some of those members are based overseas and governed by different tax laws, there may be even more opportunity for tax reduction. The advantage of group VAT, which an LLP is entitled to, means that when goods and services are supplied between members, no VAT needs to be recorded.

A large amount of paperwork is required for an LLP to operate on the right side of English law. This is because there are more factors involved than with any other sort of company and more opportunities to be liable for a range of different reasons. To make sense of the law governing LLPs and their annual accounts, you don't need to have a good knowledge of how the law works. You simply need to give, our expert team here at Coddan℠ Ltd, a call and let us take on the hard work for you. We are an experienced LLP incorporation firm and we know exactly what an LLP can and cannot do in order to operate legally.

Given the amount of additional documentation that is often required to form an LLP and file the  annual accounts for it, why not let Coddan™ put our hardworking and very knowledgeable staff on the case for you? Companies House receive accurate applications from us daily and respond to them very quickly. We have dealt with just about every situation that can occur with an LLP and will already have the answer to most queries.

File Accounts With Companies House

Failure To File Accounts With Companies House & HMRC

There are strict deadlines for filing  annual accounts with Companies House and late filing can lead to penalties. Failure to file a set of annual accounts may lead to Companies House taking action to strike the LLP off from the register. They may also seek to take action against each of the partners. There are strict deadlines for filing LLP tax returns with HMRC. Failure to file partnership and personal self-assessment tax returns may lead to penalties from HMRC. To receive assistance contact the accounting team here at Coddan℠.

It's not just registering limited liability partnerships and filing  annual accounts with the Companies House and filing annual account with HMRC, that we can help with, we also provide post-incorporation advice for LLPs and a huge range of other services, that will benefit both UK and non-UK residents. Give us a call and take advantage of what we have to offer. Our post-formation services will certainly find the best possible tax rates and file your annual accounts in a very efficient manner.