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Get to Obtain (UK) Business Formation Accounting & administration Filing of LLP Annual Accounts Online Living Abroad No Buffer to Non-Filing or Non-Payment of UK Taxes

Living Abroad No Buffer to Non-Filing or Non-Payment of UK Taxes

Living abroad no buffer to non-filing or non-payment of UK taxes

Annual Accounts For Non-UK Clients

Assistance to file LLP annual accounts with Companies House: if you are not based in the UK but have a limited liability partnership there, you are legally obliged to run it in accordance with the law. When it comes to the time of year to file annual accounts and returns, it must be done within the deadline. If you are looking for a help with filing LLP annual accounts with Companies House, we can assist you!

Filing annual accounts for LLP: the relevant authorities impose a range of penalties and fines on firms that fail to keep to the payment deadlines, and these rise incrementally the longer non-payment drags on. Some of these fines can be as much as 100% of the tax bill, if it goes unpaid for over a year, meaning you end up with an enormous fine to pay on top of what your company owes in tax to the government.

LLP and filing annual accounts requirements: if the authorities fail to collect their revenue from your firm, you may be subject to court action that would damage your reputation among the public. That could lead to a loss of confidence in your firm and see customers fleeing and possibly employees seeking work elsewhere. Your investment could be jeopardised.

There is no escaping the fact that even if you're not living in the UK, your LLP there is bound by its laws and regulations, and failure to abide by them may imperil your operations.

Principals of LLPs who are based abroad and fail to pay the taxes resulting from their business operations in the UK may themselves be pursued by the authorities. Due to the globalisation of business, more countries are nowadays adding tax offences to their extradition treaties with other nations.

This means that if there is legal action for non-filing or non-payment of taxes and accruing fines, you may find yourself extradited to the UK to answer to a judge. HM Revenue & Customs is currently seeking almost a dozen people overseas who are "tax fugitives" - among them a man charged with evasion of excise duty on millions of cigarettes, a woman who owes almost half a million pounds in tax and a man connected with £10m in VAT fraud.

Living abroad is no safeguard against non-filing LLP annual accounts or non-payment of taxes and fines in the country where you do business. Those who think they can get away with it may end up with no business at all, and may themselves wind up in jail. Coddan's wide range of services, including filing dormant LLP annual accounts, can ensure that your LLP is fully compliant with UK laws and regulations, at all times.