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Providing Accurate Information Through a Confirmation Statement

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#1. Summary
#2. Providing Accurate Information Through a Confirmation Statement

Providing accurate information through an confirmation statement

All the details provided on the confirmation statement must confirm those already held on Companies House's public record at the made-up date. Companies House may reject an confirmation statement if the information contained within a return fails to match the information held on their record. Alternatively, it may choose to accept the return but highlight it as inconsistent with its public register. To change the details on the public record, it is necessary for the designated member to deliver the relevant form(s) with their LLP confirmation statement: -

  • Form deals with a change of registered office address
  • Forms deal with an appointment of an LLP member
  • Forms with a change of details of a member, for example, a change of address
  • Form deals with a termination of a member's appointment
  • Form deals with a notification or change of an address where LLP records may be stored
  • Forms deal with a notification of an LLP's records stored at an alternate address or returning to a registered office address

Delivering a confirmation statement in a timely manner

Delivering an Confirmation statement

LLP annual accounts obligation: all LLPs confirmation statements must be accompanied by a document filing fee. Returns sent in in the absence of this fee will face rejection.

It is a criminal offence for a designated member to fail to deliver a limited liability partnership confirmation statement within 28 days of the made-up date. The designated member may be liable for the criminal offence. To avoid a criminal offence, the designated member must ensure that they allow enough time for their LLP's confirmation statement to reach Companies House before the filing deadline.

If the filing of  confirmation statement deadline falls on a Sunday or a public holiday, the law still requires the confirmation statement to reach Companies House by the due date. If using the postal service, the designated member may wish to consider paying for guaranteed methods of delivery to ensure that their return arrives on time. A designated member is liable to pay a late filing penalty, even if the postal service is responsible for the delay.

If Companies House does not receive a confirmation statement from the designated member, it may assume that the partnership is no longer in business and may strike an LLP off their public register, that is why an  annual accounts obligations are so important.