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#3. Receiving Help With the Filing of a Confirmation Statement

Receiving help with the filing of an confirmation statement

Help With the Filing of an Confirmation statement

You can receive a help with preparing and filing limited liability partnership confirmation statements through Coddan. Our team of accountancy experts will be happy to discuss any aspect of LLP filing confirmation statement with designated members.

If you do not file the confirmation statement of your LLP in time, Companies House may issue late penalties for behalf of designated members of your limited liability partnership, and the LLP can be administratively dissolved for non-compliance with annual requirements and designated members of the LLP can be disqualifies or personally fined up to £5,000. The current status of the LLP is proposal to strike off and Companies House has already filed a dissolution notice in the Gazette regarding proposal for dissolution. If you wish to keep the LLP and stop the

Consequently the LLP's assets will be Bona Vacantia (and will belong to the British Crown) and its banking account will be frozen. In order to recover the limited liability partnership' assets and continue trading the LLP will need to be restored back to the good standing with the Companies House. This process can take as long as 6-8 weeks or even longer.

Our fee for the restoration of the LLP while still in the registry is £250.00; after the LLP administrative dissolution - fees start from £1,250. There is no time to lose, please get back to us ASAP if you want to keep your LLP. In the case if you are already late with filing of your LLP confirmation statement, we still can help you to resolve a problem with the Companies House and filing any late confirmation statements. We will contact to Companies House on your behalf, provide them support information and assure that the current or late confirmation statement be filed within specified and agreed time with the Companies House.

If Companies House started the dissolution of your limited liability partnership for non-filing of LLP confirmation statement, we can assist you to stop the dissolution process initiated by Companies House for an additional fee and file confirmation statement. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or enquiries.