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Filing Your Company's Annual Accounts Online

Filing your company's annual accounts online: did you know you can now file your company's annual return or accounts online, with Companies House? All you need is a Companies House registration and authentication code, which enables you to log in and provide important business information, such as who your shareholders and directors are, and where your business is located. You can also log your company's annual accounts - and even your tax return! Now, doesn't that make things a lot easier? Unsure of your filing obligations? The punishments for not filing your annual accounts on time can be severe. Call Coddan company formation agent today, and we can give you a hand with preparing and filing all your important documentation.

Preparation of an Annual Account

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Filing of Annual Account

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  Filing of a Limited Company Annual Accounts
Filing of a Limited Company Annual Accounts

We charged £200.00 for the filing of dormant company account. Coddan Ltd are currently charging £850.00 for the preparation and filing of annual accounts for the active companies. This charge is for the active limited company that processes up to ten transactions a year. Starting from just £1,200, this cost is for private limited companies whose transactions number more than ten and will see your annual accounts filed with both the Companies House and HMRC.

Price: £200.00

UK Company and Filing Annual Accounts Requirements, File a Company' Annual Accounts with Companies House & HMRC

Filing of company annual accounts online - as a company director, you have many responsibilities, but one of the most vital is the filing of annual accounts with Companies House.

These accounts should provide a complete financial breakdown of the company, including a balance sheet, a profit and loss account and a director’s report. The accounts have to be filed within nine months of the end of your tax year and missing the deadline can have financial repercussions. There are penalties for late filing, which can go as high as £1500, so it is important to submit your accounts punctually.

One way to save time and make sure you meet the deadline is to file your accounts online. If you are unsure how this works, it is worth speaking to a professional corporate service provider, such as Coddan Ltd. We have considerable experience and expertise in assisting companies with issues such as filing of returns and accounts, and our electronic filing method ensures that your dealings with Companies House are quick and efficient. Get in touch today and see how we can help your business.

The Responsibilities of Company Directors to File Annual Accounts

File Annual Accounts

As a company director, you are expected to fulfil many duties, but few are more important than your obligation to submit annual accounts to Companies House.

The accounts have to give a complete record of your company’s finances, including a profit and loss sheet, a balance sheet and a report from a company director. Most importantly, these accounts have to be with Companies House within nine months of the end of your company’s financial year.

Failure for late submission can lead to significant financial costs. Even if you employ an accountant, as director, you are legally responsible for filing the accounts with Companies House and the penalties for late filing can escalate quickly, going as high as £3,000 if you twice miss the filing date by six months.

If you want to ensure that your accounts are fully complete and filed on time, why not seek the help of a professional? Coddan Ltd offer advice and assistance to company directors across the full range of corporate services, and our efficient electronic filing methods ensure your dealings with Companies House run smoothly. Get in touch with Coddan Ltd today and see how we can help your company.

Delivering of Company Annual Accounts in a Timely Manner

Annual Account Submission

One of the most important aspects of running a business is filing your annual company accounts with Companies House. These accounts have to give a full financial breakdown of your company, including details of profit and loss, a balance sheet and a report from a director, and they have to be submitted within nine months of the end of your company’s financial year.

As a director you are responsible for filing your company accounts on time, and although it can be easy to overlook the filing date, it is important to ensure that these accounts are submitted on time. The fines for late filing start at relatively small amounts but they escalate quickly and can reach as high as £3,000.

To avoid the financial costs of failing to submit your company's accounts on time, why not seek the assistance of a company like Coddan Ltd? We help thousands of companies deal with their corporate affairs and our speedy electronic filing methods guarantee that your Companies House transactions are carried out with the utmost efficiency. Get in touch with Coddan Ltd today and find out how our experience and expertise can help your business.

Receiving a Help With Filing of Company Annual Accounts

Annual Account Preparation

One of the biggest legal obligations for any company is the filing of annual accounts to Companies House. Not doing so correctly, filing late or not filing accounts at all can result in substantial penalties that can be damaging to a firm’s reputation as well as finances.

Among Coddan's range of professional corporate services is assistance with filing annual accounts, so that it's done on time and the company does not encounter any trouble. We will take all your financial records up to the end of your company's financial year and prepare your annual accounts in accordance with Company House's required standard (either International Financial Reporting Standards or UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice).

These statutory accounts will include the necessary balance sheet, profit and loss account, relevant notes as well as a summary report from a director. An auditor's report may also be required, and we will ensure copies are available for every shareholder and anyone else who attends your general meetings. The annual report will be included along with your yearly tax return, which is also a legal requirement.

Find out more about how we can help with your annual accounts by getting in touch with us today. Our business consultants will be pleased to tell you everything you need to know.