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Why to Use an Expert to Set-Up of Your Company

Why to use an expert to set-up of your private company?

Register a Limited Company in UK

Why to use an expert to set-up of your private company? Although it is possible to register a limited company using the in-house Companies House DIY service, there are many advantages to using an expert such as Coddan.

The DIY service provided by Companies House is suitable for some company registrations, but it is too limited for the majority. For example, it can only register private companies limited by shares and adopting standard articles. Additionally, it does not generate an LTD company seal or any registers or share certificates. These all need to be obtained separately from the companies formation experts.

Any non-standard articles are required to be submitted separately, and if they are not done correctly the incorporation will be rejected. Although some templates are available online, unless you really know what you are doing it is difficult to check if they are suitable.

On the other hand, using a registration expert such as Coddan will include the full documentation set, and they are experts in creating non-standard articles that will meet the registration requirements.

Experts only charge a small fee and will fill in the relevant forms for their clients with no errors. Unlike Companies House, who can only offer very basic advice and help, companies registration experts can answer all queries, and can usually register a company within three hours.

Experts such as Coddan can also open a business bank account for the new company at the time of registering, which can make like a lot easier for business owners. For example, it is often necessary to attend an interview and present a business plan in order to open a corporate account. As well as a banking account, experts can also purchase a suitable domain name and, if needed, register the new company for the VAT. Many experts can also provide an identity theft protection service.

Business registration experts also offer advanced name checking services, which check the originality of a proposed company name not only with Companies House, but also with several other services. Companies House can only name check internally.

If you are looking for a simple, no-frills company creation, and you have some experience and knowledge of the process, then the DIY service from Companies House may suit you. If you have are inexperienced, or require some extra services, or just advice and know how, then a start-up expert is definitely the best option.