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Company Incorporation in the UK within 1-4 Hours; Incorporate UK Private Limited Company From £24.99

Are you looking for the best private limited company incorporation agent in the UK? Choose one of the best company registration agents when incorporating a new company - Coddan offers assistance with a new private company incorporation, company management, registered address services, business address facility, guidance how to choose the best option to start a business and incorporate a company in the UK. We have many years' experience in helping local and non-UK customers to incorporate a private companies; we can also act as your tax agent for corporate taxes, or act as the VAT tax agent with the HMRC office and represent your company with the government tax authorities.
In order to incorporating a limited company in the UK, you will need a business name and a UK registered office address. In the case of private companies incorporation, you will also need a director and a shareholder. If you are serious about finding out how to incorporate a company in the UK, the best people to help you are our team at Coddan Ltd, London based company formation agency.

Incorporate Company Limited by Shares in London, Scotland or Northern Ireland

We are a respected e-filing partner to Companies House and we advise on all aspects of incorporating UK businesses. We'll take the stress out of the incorporation process for you.

If you're a UK resident, the main decision you'll have to make is what type of business you want to set up. Ask yourself, do you want your business to have limited liability? Do you want to go into business with other people, or even other companies? The quality of UK company incorporation services and customers satisfaction is even more important than simple sales!

Excellent tailored business incorporation packages and products, by skillful people, for great businesses: no pie in the sky prices, no short term promotional deals, no hidden restrictions, no hidden charges, no money back offers, no hassle & no gimmicks! Everything you need to incorporate a limited company is just few minutes away!

While we have tried to include the majority of customer new limited companies incorporation requirements identified by our many years of managing the business incorporation needs of both UK and non-UK residents, there may be company incorporation requirements that you need in addition to these. Often these are tax, additional corporate or ownership documents required in your home country to avoid any double taxation risks.

At Coddan we are happy to discuss any specific company incorporation requirements no matter how complex and our considerable experience of dealing with company's incorporation & governments across the globe allow us to give accurate advice in the majority of cases.

Information About How to Incorporate a Private Limited Company in London, Edinburgh and Belfast

Incorporate in UK

If you're looking to incorporate a limited company in the UK, this is an exciting time for you as you embark on your new business venture. However, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of incorporating your private company, and you can be forgiven for feeling a bit over whelmed. Here at Coddan, we are experts at limited company incorporation, and can ensure you complete all the necessary requirements efficiently, quickly and affordable. Whether it's help with the necessary documentation, providing a office address, or setting up a company bank account, we can provide everything you need to incorporate your UK business. With a variety of packages to suit your needs, see how we can help you with incorporating a company in the UK today. If you need an assistance with a company incorporation in UK, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Incorporating a Company Online: How to Incorporate a Business in the United Kingdom

Incorporate a Company Online

Starting out by selecting the proper business entity (or making sure your existing business is operating in the appropriate form) and knowing what is required, even if the business is very small, will not only make the operation of the business much easier, but will also be beneficial in connection with the potential transition for future expansion, restructuring and securing financing.

Incorporating a new company or altering the structure of an existing incorporation is something that requires a great deal of thought. If you have a partnership, you may wish to analyse the potential difficulties and implications of the liabilities involved when changing. Limited companies may need to consider the shareholders' rights if they are endeavoring to make any changes to the company structure. It is also common that company directors will at some point wish to offer valuable employees more responsibility and power whilst protecting their company if those employees decide to leave.

Whether you are incorporating a company in the UK or need assistance with a new limited company incorporation, we can help. Coddan offers fast company starting-up and competitively priced online company incorporation, and you will receive the full set of corporate documents for every company you order. We submit your company documents electronically to Companies House, we can dispense with much of the inconvenience of paper forms and can offer you fast same day LTD company incorporation service.

You will need to address many legal issues when considering finances, customers, generating income, and taking on employees when incorporating a company.

You will have to take into consideration the implications of the company name, and think about the best type of company structure for your business.

Coddan Ltd can offer its clients the guidance and knowledge that we have accumulated through years of experience within the company incorporation industry. Our team of professional business advisors handle all aspects of company incorporation on a daily basis and can assist you with all your business needs.

The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of the characteristics of the basic forms of business entities and the requirements for their incorporation. It is not intended to provide a review, summary, or analysis of all aspects of a particular entity or applicable regulations, statutes, requirements, and issues in connection with business entity incorporation. Selection of the form of a business entity is made from variety considerations, including ownership and management structures, tax and limiting liability.

With years of professional experience, we have built an excellent reputation for limited company incorporation. The incorporation of a private company in the UK is easy and straightforward. No permission is required to incorporate a business presence, although there is some regulation of the use of business and trading names. All companies incorporating in the UK are required to do so with Companies House and have to submit annual accounts as well as annual returns. Overseas companies establishing a branch or place of business in the United Kingdom must register and file annual accounts.

If you are thinking of starting a business there are a number of factors to be considered. You must decide the type of business and the all-important question of finance but also the various legal issues.

There are a number of ways in which you could incorporate your business, the most common being: sole trader, limited partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company. The advisors in our company corporate department can guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of each type and enable you to make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

For example, a limited company gives you the corporate shield of limited liability, eliminating much personal risk, but running a limited company also attracts greater administration time and costs. Being in partnership has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer to work for themselves as sole traders, but this also carries much personal risk.

Having taken you through these options, Coddan has the expertise to help you set up your business by incorporating a limited company, forming an LLP or drafting a partnership deed for you.

Whether you choose to run your business as a sole trader, as part of a partnership or as a shareholder of a limited company, you must also ensure that you comply with the Business Names Act 1985. We can give you guidance on complying with the requirements of that legislation and the other rules and regulations that will apply to your new business.

About Company Officers' Nationality

About Company Officers' Nationality

There is no requirement for the officers of your company to be the UK citizens or residents, or for them to hold the valid work permits. Owning, or being an officer of the UK company does not, however, grant you any right to live or work in the UK if you are a foreign national. A limited company must have at least one director, and may have a secretary. You need to have only one person to incorporate in UK.

If you would like to discuss how we might help you, please call any of our office numbers listed at the top of this page, or complete our enquiry form.

Coddan can incorporate a brand new company with your own choice of name (if that name is available at Companies House) using our standard documents (called the memorandum and articles of association). The company will usually be incorporated within 2-4 working hours. If time is pressing, we can either shorten this time.

If our associated company Coddan Secretary Service Limited is appointed as the nominee secretary for your limited company, we can then guide you through the obligations imposed by the Companies Act 2006. As well as your duties to file annual statutory accounts and annual returns with the Registrar of Companies, you must also have a registered address to which official correspondence and notices may be served. For a fixed fee we can provide a registered office address for your company in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Belfast.

You should be aware that failure to comply with legislation can result in financial penalties being levied against the company and its officers as well as the company potentially being struck off the Companies House register. Coddan can offer peace of mind in this regard by providing our simple registered office service or our standard company secretarial service which covers:

  • Continuing registered office for the company
  • Forwarding notices from Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs
  • Maintaining the company statutory books
  • Filing necessary returns to Companies House
  • Executing documents where necessary and
  • Drafting minutes dealing with any changes in membership and/or company officers

At Coddan we can incorporate and register an LLP for you and your business associates quickly and effectively, whether you are incorporating a new business or converting to LLP status from an ordinary partnership. However, the same issues of potential difficulty can arise under an LLP as under a normal partnership. Therefore, you and your partners should consider entering into a written partnership agreement which can help to avoid future disputes and also sets out what should happen to the business upon the death or departure of one of the LLP members.

Coddan can help you by drafting a partnership agreement tailored to your particular business and circumstances, or provide a standard drafted LLP agreement.

If two or more people decide to go into business together, trading through a limited liability company, the same issues and concerns affecting an ordinary partnership can also apply to the business. It is vital to consider these issues at the outset. What happens when the directors of a company disagree over the future strategy for the company? What happens if one of the shareholders wants to sell their interest in the company and/or wishes to introduce another third party to the business?

These issues might be addressed by the constitutional documents of the company, the memorandum and articles of association. However, the company's memorandum and articles of association are public documents. In order to deal with the internal workings of the company and relations between its shareholders, it is often prudent to have a specific private agreement between the shareholders. This type of agreement will set out how they will run the company and what powers each shareholder will have.

In most small private companies the shareholders are often the same people as the directors. A director has authority to bind a company to any legal contract. In order to prevent a director acting alone, for example in engaging employees or buying premises without agreement, a shareholders' agreement will help. Coddan has specialists who specialise in drafting these documents for small private companies as well as large complex international joint ventures.

Having a shareholders' agreement in place at the outset can give you peace of mind and protection for your investment. Such an agreement can be drafted to strengthen minority shareholders' positions in a company and it is often as important an investment as is the investment in the company itself. We are offering a company incorporation with the shareholder agreement options as well.

Trademarks are a way of protecting goods by distinguishing them from similar products. A trademark can be as simple as a single word, a color, name or phrase. Further examples include three dimensional images, logos and tunes.

Trademarks are a common method of protecting unique features of an organisation upon which it has built its reputation. A trademark may either be registered or unregistered. Each method provides the owner of the trademark with different levels of protection against infringement.

We also provide services for your needs after companies' incorporation, including our registered address service and of annual return filings. We offer electronic English, Irish and Scottish limited companies incorporation and electronic filing of documents. Your company is incorporated electronically as soon as we receive your details (and payment) it could not be done any more easily or quickly.

How to Incorporate With Us? Online Company Incorporation Options

How to Incorporate With Us?

Many small businesses choose to use the services of companies incorporation agents, like Coddan; to undertake all of necessary formalities on their behalf. Our aims to provide you with a professional, yet affordable, range of business support services to enable you to incorporate and run your own successful business.

We offer one of the most customisable, cost-effective, and affordable company incorporation for small businesses and private individuals. Unlike other companies who hide upfront costs, our incorporation fees are simple. We offer new company incorporation only for £24.99 - no hidden costs, annual fees, memberships or other pricing strategies. In fact, we guarantee that our business incorporation and management service fees are the lowest that you may find.

Starting a new limited company is not particularly complicated, although two legal documents, the articles of association and the memorandum of association (the company's constitution documents), will need to be prepared. Signed and certified copies of these documents, and an application form to incorporate a new company, must be submitted to the registrar of companies at Companies House.

When incorporating your company we submit our general memorandum and articles of association (our standard version of the memorandum and articles of association is very widely drawn, and is suitable for most types of commercial business) to Companies House.

We can also incorporate your company using your own memorandum and articles of association. You just need to complete our online order form, and then e-mail us the memorandum and articles of association that you want to incorporate your company with.

Our electronic filing system makes incorporation of a company very straightforward. It automatically produces and customises all the required paperwork's, including the memorandum and articles of association, the first meeting of the board of directors and the company register. You may use our electronic filing programme to register the following type of companies in England, Wales, and Scotland:

  • Private company limited by shares
  • Private company with the bearer shares
  • Private company limited by guarantee (with or without of charitable objects)
  • Public company limited by shares
  • Public company with the bearer shares
  • Community interest company
  • Flat or property management company
  • Right to manage company
  • Holding, royalty, ship management or an intellectual property management company, etc.
Important Tips

Important Tips

Company secretaries are also frequently involved with making sure the company is legally compliant in areas such as health and safety and data protection. They are also often asked to sign leases on behalf of the board or act as a signatory more generally & may also get involved in negotiations with outside advisers, including accountants and lawyers. If a company has a company secretary, directors will usually delegate their responsibility for ensuring sending up-to-date information to Companies House to the secretary.

Our electronic company incorporation software has been approved by Registrar of Companies, and our prices include all Companies Registry' fees and legal required documentation.

Our company incorporation and registration (other types of firms, businesses, enterprises, partnerships, corporations and international business companies, and limited liability companies) system have been fully updated and are in compliance with the Companies Act 2006 up to October 2008, please be assured that you can incorporate through us with the confidence. Coddan Ltd is the London based, favourite and most successful incorporation agent offer a quick, flexible and price reasonable creation of different types of business entities in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

With Coddan it is now possible to incorporate a limited company, register a limited liability partnership, file annual returns, file forms for appointing and resignation officers (both director and secretary) of a limited company etc., without any paper and all within a day! Coddan eliminates the need for paper, signatures, and all the usual administration and time that in the past made incorporating a company or filing an annual return a hassle.

At the end of the tax year, you will need to prepare and file your forms P14 end of year summary (one for each employee) and P35 employer annual return (one for each employer PAYE (pay as you earn) reference). These forms, which summarise the pay and deductions you've made over the tax year, must reach the UK Inland Revenue (Her Majesty and Custom Service)) no later than 19 May. Coddan can assist you with the preparation of all tax returns including self-assessment tax return, corporation tax return (for profit, non-profit or dormant companies), and other taxes.

We provide a fully comprehensive service from helping you understand how business is conducted in the United Kingdom, to a range of project management services, tax-planning, tax-optimisation and other relevant advice. Our team of certified accountants can help you with:

  • Advice on restructuring and reorganisation, minimising tax relief on major expenditure
  • Minimising of income and capital gains tax
  • Reducing or defer your tax bills
  • Profit extraction alternatives
  • Share based incentives
  • Dealing with cross-border tax issues

We also advise for different types of corporate and business structures including limited liability partnerships (LLP's), which are the fastest growing type of legal entities being incorporated in the United Kingdom. At Coddan, we do not just tell you the legal requirements how to be registered as an LLP: we provide complex solutions.

We offer free of charge and with no obligation consultation by appointment at our offices in London. This free introduction will not include specific financial planning advice or a statement of advice, but it will help you decide whether the services we offer are right for your needs.

Please note, this free consultation does not include tax and accounting services. We provide services on a nationwide basis and we are happy to advise clients by post, phone, fax, and e-mail.

Incorporation of a New Company Procedures: Incorporating a Business the Easy Way

Incorporation of a New Company Procedures

If you need to incorporate a company but find the whole business a little daunting, then you may want to have the experts do it for you. Coddan Ltd has incorporated more than 200,000 companies over the last decade and offers their customers several packages. The simplest solution is a basic business incorporation package that also includes an optional corporate bank account. The top package includes the company incorporation itself, share certificates, a registered London address and mail forwarding. Solutions are also available for non-UK residents and you can also easily form a VAT registered company.

Using a specialist like Coddan Ltd makes it extremely easy to start a company and leaves you more time to concentrate on improving your profits while they worry about all the paperwork and admin. We can also advise you on the best structure for your business, for example, you may not need a limited company straight away but may be best operating as a sole trader. Similarly, if your turnover is relatively low you may not need, or want, to register for VAT straight away.

It's not expensive to have an expert company like Coddan incorporate your business, but it will cost you more than it would should you do it all yourself. However, once you take into account the time saved and the peace of mind given by knowing that it has been done correctly, it's a small price to pay. If you need a company incorporating immediately then Coddan Ltd are able to offer a same day service. It is also possible to buy readymade companies that suit your needs and then alter the necessary details such as the named directors.

A good quality business incorporation company like Coddan Ltd will also offer ongoing advice and support to its customers. If you receive a form from Companies House or from the Inland Revenue and need help with it then just give Coddan a call.

Similarly, when the time comes to restructure your business we will be able to advise on the best course of action and take care of the admin.

Legal Requirements to Incorporate a Limited Company in the UK

Legal Requirements to Incorporate Company

To incorporate a company in the UK, you must meet a variety of legal requirements. These cover everything from the name you choose for the company to who can be directors of that company. An incorporation agent, such as Coddan Ltd, will help you ensure you meet all the legal requirements before you go through the process of filing your application.

Company name: when you choose to incorporate a business, you must give it a name. This cannot be a name used by any other company. Part of the business incorporation process is checking that your name is available.

You will also need to get special permission if you want to use certain words or expressions as part of your company's name. These include things that could give the impression of pre-eminence or status, indicate an association with the government, or cause an offence. If your name does include any words or expressions from a specific list, you will need to explain why it contains it and apply for permission to use it.

Company directors: your company incorporation must name at least one director. This person can be of any nationality, but must be over 16 years of age. If your company has more than one director, the additional directors can be either private individuals or corporate bodies. There is no limit to how many directors a company can have.

As part of the application process for incorporation, you will need to provide details of all directors. If your company has a secretary, their details will also be included. It is no longer a legal requirement that a company have a secretary as part of the incorporation process, however.

Company shares: a private limited company will also need to have shares. These do not need to be made public, such as on the stock market, but they do need to be split up amongst the stakeholders in the company. If you have not worked this out, your incorporation agent can help you with the process. There must be at least a single share.

Company address: every company must have a registered UK address. This will need to be provided when you incorporate a business, and will generally be your office address. If you do not have an office address, you can use a home address.

However, many companies prefer to use a service provided by an incorporation agent in which they are given a London address for the registration. This can add security and look great on your documents!

Steps for Incorporation of a Private Limited Company

Steps for Incorporation of a Limited Company

If you decide to set up a private limited company, there are a number of steps you need to take to do so. To successfully incorporate a company you must:

1. Conjure up an original name for your company. Naming your company is not as simple as it may seem. Your chosen name must end with "Limited" or "Ltd" and must not already feature on the Companies House index of company names.

2. Choose an address to serve as your registered office. The registered office address of your company will be where communications from third parties, such as HMRC, will be sent. The address does not have to be the place your company operates from, but it must be a physical address. You can use a PO Box address, but you must include a physical address and postcode.

3. Appoint at least one director. You must appoint at least one director, who can also be a shareholder in your company. You cannot choose anyone who is under the age of 16, bankrupt or disqualified from taking on the role of director.

4. Appoint and register at least one shareholder. You must create a statement of capital detailing the number of shares your company has and the names and addresses of your shareholders. Your company must have at least one shareholder.

5. Produce constitutional documents for your company. You should draw up a memorandum of association, which is a statement confirming your intention to form a company, and articles of association, which are the rules that your director(s), shareholder(s) and company secretary must abide by. You can use standard business incorporation articles or you can write your own.

6. File your paperwork at Companies House and pay the appropriate registration fee. You can incorporate business online, by post, or using a company formation agent such as Coddan. As Companies House does not provide personalised advice on company incorporation, you may wish to use Coddan to ensure that all the relevant documentation is prepared and filed correctly.

7. Receive your certificate of incorporation. On receipt of your application, Companies House will register your company and issue a certificate of incorporation.

Documents Required for Incorporation of a Company

Documents Required for Incorporation of a Company

If you're planning to incorporate a company, you will need to first pull together certain documents. For business incorporation, the documents are very specific and aim to tell Companies House about the business and how it will be run.

Form IN01: Companies House requires a completed copy of Form IN01, which is the application to register a company. This form is where you will provide all the basic information about your company. This includes the name, address, and type of company you are registering. Form IN01 also gives you the opportunity to list the proposed officers. You will also be asked to provide information about the capital going into the company.

Memorandum of association: another requirement is a memorandum of association. This is a short document, written in a specific format that confirms your intention to incorporate your business. This does not need to include elements like who the shareholders are, nor should it include all the details of how the business will be run.

Articles of association: you will also need to provide the articles of association. The one exception to this requirement is if you have adopted model articles in their entirety. This document is the basic guidelines of how the incorporated business will be run. This document is legally binding, so it is important to ensure that the rules you set out here are ones that you intend to follow for the life of the company.

If you do not have any specific needs for your company, you can choose to adopt model articles. These are a set of articles of association that have been written in the legislature. They can be used in their entirety, in which case they do not need to be submitted with your application, or used as a skeleton for your own articles.

Additional information: you may also need to provide additional information about your application if it includes a sensitive word or expression. These words and phrases are a specific list set by legislation. In general, you will need special approval if the name you have chosen could imply that you have special eminence or status, including association with any government body, or if they could cause criminal offence.

When it comes time to submit your company incorporation, ensuring you have the right documents is essential. This is why the services of Coddan Ltd can be so important. They will help check that you have the correct documents and that everything is submitted correctly to incorporate your company.

By using us as you incorporation agent, you do not need to prepare any forms or additional documents, all you need to do is to complete our online application form, and we will do the rest. Please contact us for the further details.

How to Incorporate a Private Limited Company

How to Incorporate a Limited Company

A private limited company must be incorporated (registered) with Companies House. It is possible to incorporate it electronically or by sending all the necessary paperwork to Companies House through the post.

Electronic company incorporation: the electronic registration of a company can be performed either by the registrant through the Companies House online incorporation service or through a company registration agent such as Coddan. The use of a incorporation agent is by far the quickest way of achieving business incorporation.

Paper-based company registration: this is the traditional way of registering a company, but due to the ease with which a company can be incorporated electronically, it is only used by a small number of registrants. The paperwork must be sent to the Companies House office in Cardiff or, in the case of a Scottish company, in Edinburgh.

To incorporate a company, Companies House will require the following information:

  • The proposed name of the company
  • The address of the company's registered office
  • Details of the company's directors and shareholders
  • A copy of the company's articles of association

The information required to register a company electronically is the same as that required to register a company through the post.

The certificate of company incorporation: on receipt of the application, Companies House will determine whether the paperwork is in order. If it is satisfied that the application meets its requirements, it will issue a certificate of incorporation stating the name with which the company is registered, the date of its incorporation and its registered number.

The company will come into existence on the date of its incorporation. On that date, it can validly enter into contracts and/or undertake legal activities. If someone enters into transactions in the name of the company or on the company's behalf before the date of incorporation, the subsequent contracts are known as pre-incorporation contracts.

The time taken by Companies House to incorporate business varies, but the process typically takes a few days. If it is necessary to set up a company set up within a few hours, the team here at Coddan can complete all the necessary paperwork and submit it electronically to Companies House in a matter of hours

Limited Company Incorporation Agent

Limited Company Incorporation Agent

Company incorporation can be a positive move for your business. It can be the start of a new chapter, and signal growth and expansion. It can be the result of lots of planning and negotiation, and can be a big step in your career path. However, the process of incorporating a company can be daunting. This is why an incorporation agent can be a big asset.

Streamlining the incorporation process: one way that an incorporation agent can help you incorporate your business is by streamlining everything. Rather than worrying about incorrectly filling out legal forms, you can simply provide the agent with the information needed. The process of filling everything out and submitting the application can be done on your behalf.

As an incorporation agent, Coddan Ltd can also help with other aspects of setting up your new business, including creating a new business bank account. You can get a quick referral and have all the documents you will need for this secondary process.

Offering business incorporation expertise: another benefit of using an incorporation agent is that you get their expertise and advice. While you may not have ever incorporated a business, this is something that the agent does on a daily basis. They can help you through the process, from determining whether incorporation is right for you to choosing a name that will be accepted by Companies House.

The expertise of an incorporation agent can often be the difference between an easy incorporation and an unsuccessful application. This is because the agent can flag any problems long before the documents are submitted, saving your company time and money. If you have incorporated a business in the past, you might not be aware of legal changes that could make the process different this time around. An agent will be up to date with the latest legal requirements.

Choosing incorporation agent: when you decide to incorporate your business, you will want to choose an incorporation agent that offers everything you need. Look for different packages, such as those offered by Coddan Ltd, to match what you need at a price that is right for your new company.

A great incorporation agent knows the importance of your business, and will help ensure that the incorporation process goes smoothly, quickly, and gets your new company off on the right foot. Whether you have incorporated a business before or not, an agent can be a valuable asset.