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Online Company Creation Options

Online company creation options

How to Incorporate With Us?

Many small businesses choose to use the services of companies formation agents, like Coddan; to undertake all of necessary formalities on their behalf. Our aims to provide you with a professional, yet affordable, range of business support services to enable you to incorporate and run your own successful business.

We offer one of the most customisable, cost-effective, and affordable private company start-up for small businesses and private individuals. Unlike other companies who hide upfront costs, our fees are simple. We offer new limited company creation only for £24.99 - no hidden costs, annual fees, memberships or other pricing strategies. In fact, we guarantee that our business set-up and management service fees are the lowest that you may find.

Starting a new limited company is not particularly complicated, although two legal documents, the articles of association and the memorandum of association (the company's constitution documents), will need to be prepared. Signed and certified copies of these documents, and an application form to form a new company, must be submitted to the registrar of companies at Companies House.

When opening your company we submit our general memorandum and articles of association (our standard version of the memorandum and articles of association is very widely drawn, and is suitable for most types of commercial business) to Companies House.

We can also open your company using your own memorandum and articles of association. You just need to complete our online order form, and then e-mail us the memorandum and articles of association that you want to start your company with.

Our electronic filing system makes incorporation of a company very straightforward. It automatically produces and customises all the required paperwork's, including the memorandum and articles of association, the first meeting of the board of directors and the company register. You may use our electronic filing programme to register the following type of companies in England, Wales, and Scotland:

Important Tips

Important Tips

Company secretaries are also frequently involved with making sure the company is legally compliant in areas such as health and safety and data protection. They are also often asked to sign leases on behalf of the board or act as a signatory more generally & may also get involved in negotiations with outside advisers, including accountants and lawyers. If a company has a company secretary, directors will usually delegate their responsibility for ensuring sending up-to-date information to Companies House to the secretary.

Our software has been approved by Registrar of Companies, and our prices include all Companies Registry' fees and legal required documentation.

Our company registration (other types of firms, businesses, enterprises, partnerships, corporations and international business companies, and limited liability companies) system have been fully updated and are in compliance with the Companies Act 2006 up to October 2008, please be assured that you can incorporate through us with the confidence. Coddan Ltd is the London based, favourite and most successful incorporation agent offer a quick, flexible and price reasonable creation of different types of business entities in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

With Coddan it is now possible to create a limited company, register a limited liability partnership, file annual returns, file forms for appointing and resignation officers (both director and secretary) of a limited company etc., without any paper and all within a day! Coddan eliminates the need for paper, signatures, and all the usual administration and time that in the past made forming a company or filing an annual return a hassle.

At the end of the tax year, you will need to prepare and file your forms P14 end of year summary (one for each employee) and P35 employer annual return (one for each employer PAYE (pay as you earn) reference). These forms, which summarise the pay and deductions you've made over the tax year, must reach the UK Inland Revenue (Her Majesty and Custom Service)) no later than 19 May. Coddan can assist you with the preparation of all tax returns including self-assessment tax return, corporation tax return (for profit, non-profit or dormant companies), and other taxes.

We provide a fully comprehensive service from helping you understand how business is conducted in the United Kingdom, to a range of project management services, tax-planning, tax-optimisation and other relevant advice. Our team of certified accountants can help you with:

  • Advice on restructuring and reorganisation, minimising tax relief on major expenditure
  • Minimising of income and capital gains tax
  • Reducing or defer your tax bills
  • Profit extraction alternatives
  • Share based incentives
  • Dealing with cross-border tax issues

We also advise for different types of corporate and business structures including limited liability partnerships (LLP's), which are the fastest growing type of legal entities being established in the United Kingdom. At Coddan, we do not just tell you the legal requirements how to be registered as an LLP: we provide complex solutions.

We offer free of charge and with no obligation consultation by appointment at our offices in London. This free introduction will not include specific financial planning advice or a statement of advice, but it will help you decide whether the services we offer are right for your needs.

Please note, this free consultation does not include tax and accounting services. We provide services on a nationwide basis and we are happy to advise clients by post, phone, fax, and e-mail.