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Get to Obtain (UK) Business Formation Accounting & administration Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing for LLP

Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing for LLP

Obtaining your limited liability partnership certificate of good standing: this is a document (certificate of existence) which states that your LLP has been in continuous existence since your date of incorporation. It also verifies to the Registrar of Companies that no legal action, for any reason, is being taken to remove your LLP from the register. Certificate of existence demonstrates that you are active and operational at your registered address, and that you are in compliance with regulatory standards and company law. This registered address must be a physical location, not a post office box, as people have the right to visit and inspect your documents. Your LLP name needs to be on display outside the building. A penalty can be incurred for any failure to comply. Incidentally, Coddan's experienced experts can help with a new company formation, and provide the prestigious location addresses in Central London and cities throughout the UK. if you need to obtain a certificate of good standing for an LLP, or get a certificate of existence for your LLP on the same day, please order such service below.

  Apply for a Certificate Of Good Standing for Your LLP

A certificate of good standing is issued by Companies House, and attests that your LLP is in full compliance with the law. Banks, finance companies, and other interested third parties will ask to see your certificate of good standing before entering into business with your LLP. Certificates of good standing come in two formats: the short form includes the LLP's name and registration number; in addition, the long form includes the registered office address and the names of the members.

Price: £45.00

Get an LLP certificate of good standing

Why it makes sense to ask Coddan to order your certificate of good standing: often, LLPs wish to obtain a certificate quickly, to help with discussions with potential investors, or other parties, about entering into business together. They are also useful in dealings with banks and other financial institutions. Providing all your accounts are up-to-date and annual returns filed, and your LLP has been in continuous existence since its formation, Coddan can quickly apply online for your certificate. Usually, people you are dealing with would expect these to have been issued within the last three months. Coddan can re-apply as often as you need for any future business dealings where you wish to display a current certificate of good standing.

If you wish, you can also decide to add extra information, such as the names of your LLP members, nationalities of your officers, and your registered office. If your LLP has just been formed, you cannot apply for a certificate for at least three days. Whether you simply wish to obtain your CGS, or are also looking for a complete LLP registration service, the highly-experienced business consulting teams at Coddan can take all the required actions on your behalf. Simply call them today on + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 and then you can immediately refocus on your other key business activities.

Obtaining LLP extract from the register

Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing for LLP

Benefits to using Coddan to obtain a certificate of good standing for a limited liability partnership: obtaining a certificate of good standing may be necessary for an LLP in a number of situations, and Coddan are able to handle the whole process with the same level of professionalism as their many other LLP services. If you have an interested potential investor, or are trying to secure finance from a bank, this certificate will enable you to prove that your accounts have been filed on time. This also allows third parties to have confidence in your other legally-binding processes. If you want to find out more about how Coddan can help you obtain a certificate of good standing, get in touch with one of our experts today. If you need to have a certificate of good standing, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

LLPs and certificate of good standing

LLPs and Certificate of Good Standing

When limited liability partnerships (LLPs) want to do business with other parties, including banks and finance companies, they need to provide a certificate of good standing to prove they're fully operational and in compliance with company law. The certificate is issued by Companies House and shows that since the LLP was formed it has continually been in existence. It will also show that there is no current legal action being taken against the LLP to have it struck off the register. Generally, certificates of understanding are only valid for around three months; if it's longer than that, companies will ask to see a new one. After incorporation of an LLP, you must wait three days before Companies House will issue the certificate.

In order to get a certificate of good standing, companies must have filed their annual return and all accounts must be fully up to date. Additional information can be included on the certificate upon request. This includes the names of members, the registered office, among others, such as the nationalities of the officers. As part of Coddan's service, we can obtain a certificate of good standing for you after it has been completed. Our service is straightforward and swift and you can fill out your application using our online form.

Our expert business consultants are available to talk to you today about any aspect of LLP formation and obtaining a certificate of good standing.