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UK Company Formation With Accountancy & Bookkeeping Packages

UK company formation with accountancy and bookkeeping solutions: when it comes to business bookkeeping and the preparation of annual accounts, the whole process can feel a little daunting. The idea of having to tackle all of the required paperwork, and the fear of making a costly error, leads many people to employ a professional to handle it for them. Here's why we think that professional should be Coddan: -

We offer a new company start-up with bookkeeping and accountancy services: our consultants stay on top of the latest tax legislation and employ it to best effect to deliver strategies within the law that will help build your net worth and keep your tax burden under control. They also use their expertise to help you develop short, medium and long-term plans for your business by providing a full range of tax services. Whether you require help with company formation, bookkeeping, self-assessment, PAYE contributions, VAT, CIS or all of the above, our consultants can guide you.

Company Formation with Accountancy and Bookkeeping Packages


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This dormant company creation in the UK with a registered address in London is for customers, who want to open a dormant company & keep it simple and paper free.

The following documents will be sending via e-mail upon the formation of a dormant company:



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Coddan offers fixed fee for a company establishment with annual account & return preparation and filing it with Companies House and HMRC.

The following benefits are included into this offer:



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This package is especially for clients, who are requiring opening of a company with monthly bookkeeping, preparation & submission of final year-end account with Companies House & HMRC.

The following services are included into this offer:



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This package is ideal for such customers, who need to appoint Coddan to deal with the bookkeeping & VAT requirements during the financial year.

With this package we will provide the following services:

Formation of a company with bookkeeping and accountancy services

We make your bookkeeping easy to manage: here at Coddan, we offer a comprehensive range of bookkeeping services that are designed to free you from the daily drudgery of handling your administration. We can help you with the initial set up of your accounts and follow it through for the first month, giving you a template to work from as you move forward.

Once this is set up and you are following our template, we will send you monthly reports on your private company detailing things like how much your limited company owes the government for that period, allowing you keep control of your finances and prevent any unpleasant surprises.

We can handle the preparation of your annual accounts without fuss: provided that you keep adequate records of your business dealings on a day to day basis, we can put your annual accounts together quickly and without fuss, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business further. Please be aware however, that failure to keep sufficient invoices and statements can mean that putting together accurate annual accounts becomes extremely difficult and leaves you open to government fines and the imposition of estimated assessments in lieu of the information.

To take advantage of Coddan's expertise in company formation with bookkeeping and annual accounts and ensure that your company or an LLP is in safe hands, please either give us a call on 0207 935 5171 or e-mail us today.

Are you looking for a company formation with bookkeeping & accounting services in London?

Bookkeeping and Annual Accounts Preparation

The benefits of using Coddan for your company start-up and bookkeeping needs and for annual accounts preparation: preparing your accounts and ensuring you stay on the right side of HMRC's bookkeeping rules can be both complex and time consuming. It can place a major burden on your staff and distract them from tasks that help to grow your business. At Coddan we can relieve you of this issue, and provide you with a robust accounting service that enables you to concentrate fully on the day to day running of your entity.

We aim to minimise the amount of paperwork you have to deal with, with accounts produced on your behalf for you to merely check and sign.We can also provide full and regular management accounts so you can easily keep abreast of your firm's performance and financial standing. Our comprehensive bookkeeping services have been expertly designed to set you free from administrative duties at a very reasonable rate. We can also assist you further by providing payroll services if required.

Annual requirements for companies and LLPs in the United Kingdom

Post-Formation Services

Companies in the UK, including those either limited by shares or guarantee as well as limited liability partnership (LLPs), have a number of annual obligations that they're bound by law to carry out. Failure to do so might incur heavy fines and other penalties, and could even result in legal action and a company being struck off the register.

Companies must prepare and file an annual report and accounts by a deadline that will depend on when the firm was established. The only type of business entity that's not required to file annual accounts is an unlimited company, and even then there are some restrictions and the company will be obliged to submit accounts (such as in situations where the unlimited enterprise is a subsidiary of a limited company).

The annual report contains all the basic details of the limited company or LLP, and is filed with Companies House, the official registrar of firms in the UK. It's legally required because the authorities need to have the most up-to-date information about a firm, including its address and the name of its directors and secretary, because companies change location and personnel all the time.

More challenging to prepare are the annual accounts, which must list all the financial transactions during the 12 month period and they must be compiled in line with Companies House standards. The accounts will need to be accompanied by a directors' report, giving an overview or summary of the company and its performance in the past year.

Taxation is another critical area for companies and returns to HM Revenue & Customs must be done properly to avoid problems that could pose difficulties or reputational harm to a firm. Getting all of these administrative matters right will help ensure the smooth running of a company.

Here at Coddan, we're experts in taxation, accountancy and bookkeeping, and our many valued clients enjoy the benefits of our services. There's no need to spend large amounts of time and resources on accounting when we can handle it all for you, leaving you free to do what's most important – running your corporation. So get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you.