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Company Set-Up with Confirmation Statement & Dormant Annual Accounts

Limited company set-up with filing of confirmation statement and dormant annual accounts package is only £100.00

Our dormant private company limited by shares formation package is ideal for the UK residents only, who will use a dormant company for the following purpose(s):

1. To protect a business name, or to be the owner of the domain name(s);
2. To own an asset such as land or intellectual property;
3. To hold shares of other companies' shares (including business entities registered in other countries);
4. To use an entity as the management company (property or business management purpose);
5. To use a dormant entity as the corporate director, shareholder, or as the secretary in other companies.

If your new limited company or organisation is not yet active - in other words, it is not yet carrying on business activity or trading - you will need to tell HMRC when it does become active.

Our dormant private company limited by shares formation package ensures you meet the statutory obligations as a director of the dormant company with the tax authorities and all governing bodies.

What services do you get? Our dormant private company limited by shares formation services include:
1. The registration of a company (including the government fee for the incorporation of a company).
2. The provision of the registered office address for a dormant company at the Baker Street in London.
3. The provision of a nominee secretary to protect the director(s) responsibility.
4. The initial registration of your company as a dormant with the HMRC.
5. The provision of the tax expert with the HMRC.
6. The government mail forwarding to your own address in the UK.
7. The keeping your company registers at the registered office address.
8. The preparation of the annual return and year-end dormant account and its submission with the Companies Registrar and Inland Revenue (Tax Office).

Coddan offers the fixed fee for the dormant account package to private limited companies. Our professional accountants will take care of your dormant company account preparation and filing with the HMRC (Tax Office) for you. We will create the minutes of the directors and shareholders' meetings required to approve the dormant account.

With this package, we will also file an annual return for behalf of your company on time, and register the annual return with the Companies House. At the end of the financial year, we will also prepare and file your company' dormant account with the Companies House and the Inland Revenue (HMRC) for the next year.

We will also provide you an exclusive certificate of the dormant status of your company. Your certificate will be printed in an elegant format, sealed, and laminated, this document fully compliance with the Companies Act 2006 and Finance Act 2008.

Please be reminded that failed to file your dormant company account by the deadline given by Companies House, your company must pay late filing penalty of £150.00 for a day late, £375.00 if it is three months late and up to £1,500 if more than six months late.

The dormant private company limited by shares formation package cost is £100.00 for the first year. The next fee of £150.00 plus VAT needs to be paid within the end of the next anniversary year, as soon you receive the relevant notice from us where you will be asked to provide us the signed resolution by your company director(s) that your company is still dormant.