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Complete Company Incorporation with VAT, Bookkeeping & Tax Return

Complete company incorporation with VAT, bookkeeping, year-end account & tax return

If you are thinking about setting up a business, and need it done quickly and easily, if you would like to pass the bookkeeping and VAT maintenance to the professional accountant, and you will need the professional assistance with the preparation of your final annual accounts, then, this package is the perfect choice.

This package is ideal for such customers, who will run a trading company as a director, and Coddan will deal with the bookkeeping and VAT requirements during the financial year. At the end of the financial year, our certified chartered accountant will prepare the final annual accounts and submit it with the Companies House and HMRC.

What the particular services do you get? Our business and accounting start-up services include:

1. The registration of the company (including the government fee for the incorporation of a company).
2. The provision of the registered office address for a trading company at the Baker Street in London.
3. To display of your company name on the monitor at the registered office address.
4. The provision of a nominee secretary to protect the director(s) responsibilities.
5. The assistance to open a business bank account with the HSBC or Barclays with debit and/or credit cards.
6. The initial registration of your company with the HMRC as a tax payer.
7. The provision of the tax expert service with the HMRC.
8. The VAT registration with the HMRC.
9. The quarterly management accounts.
10. The quarterly submitting VAT returns.
11. The government mail and banking statements forwarding to your own address.
12. The keeping your company registers at the registered office address.
13. The provision of the bookkeeping service on monthly base at a high level of expertise.
14. The preparation & filing of an abbreviated account with Companies House.
15. The preparation & filing of full set of accounts with the HM Revenue & Customs.
16. The preparation and filing of the company tax return.
17. Dividends and personal tax review in February prior to the tax-year end.
18. One full and bound set of accounts (including notes).
19. One electronic set of accounts (including notes).

All official fees are included in our service price.

What documents will you get from us? The following documents will be sending by the first class post to you upon formation of your private limited company:

1. Two laminated certificates of incorporation;
2. Two hard bound copies of your memorandum & articles of association;
3. Two hard bound copies of the first meeting of the board of directors;
4. Two elegant printed share certificates and your company registers;
5. The HMRC letter confirms your VAT registration number;
6. An agreement in between us and your company for the preparation of the annual return and the annual accounts, and the indemnity letter.

The price of this package is £2,400 per calendar year (which is around £200.00 per month plus the VAT). Our fees need to be pay in two instalments:

The first instalment of £1,200 needs to be paid up front and the next installment of £1,200 needs to be paid within next six months, as soon you will receive the relevant notice from us. We will need to receive your payments on time to avoid any penalties or fines from the Companies Registrar or HMRC; otherwise, we will charge an extra fee for the preparation of your annual accounts and returns.

Second year fees: in the second year you will need to pay us the next installment of £1,200 after the last payment you have done to us, and the additional instalment of £1,200 needs to be paid within next six months as soon you will receive the relevant notice from us.

If you will need to have the package, which will accompany with your business needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time during the accountancy year.