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Coddan CPM Ltd. – Company Registration Agent in the UK
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Tax and VAT Expert Service for Limited Companies and LLPs

Tax and VAT expert service for limited companies and LLPs

Meeting the requirements of the UK tax regime can be a time consuming and expensive business. By employing Coddan as your tax and VAT expert, you will reduce the amount of time spent compiling tax returns and could also reduce the amount of taxation paid.

Coddan offers a complete range of services to businesses to help them meet their tax obligations. These can range from simply filing your annual accounts in a timely fashion to a full tax planning service designed to ensure you pay no more than is necessary to the Exchequer.

Our bookkeeping service ensures that your annual accounts are compiled in a format that will be acceptable to HMRC. We will then submit the accounts in good time to ensure that your company or LLP will not incur fines for late submission.

One of the most complicated aspects of the UK tax system is VAT. Coddan can help register your business for VAT and once registered, can help with VAT returns. Given the complicated nature of tax, it is easy to end up either over or under paying it. Coddan can offer advice on precisely how much you will need to pay and help you plan in order to ensure that you have the most tax efficient approach to VAT possible.

For companies that employ staff, PAYE can present a number of pitfalls. These include the failure to update HMRC on the employment of new staff in a timely fashion and failure to accurately inform the authorities about benefits (company cars, for example) that are received by employees. Coddan can help companies make accurate, timely PAYE submissions. We also offer a competitively priced full payroll administration service.

The structure of your business can make a large difference to the amount of tax that ends up being paid. Coddan can advise on how to structure your business so that the taxation paid is no greater than it needs to be. Why not get in touch today to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly, well trained staff?