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We Will Do Your Bookkeeping & Prepare Annual Tax Return

The benefits of using us for your bookkeeping needs and for annual accounts preparation

Annual Accounts Preparation

Everyone in business understands the importance of accurate and up to date bookkeeping. It's a key back office task, and well kept accounts not only let you see how the business is doing at any point in the cycle, the figures you produce will also determine how much company tax or VAT you pay in a given year. By law, all companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) have to submit annual accounts in the UK.

For many small to medium sized operations, and especially new start ups, where keeping overheads down is crucial, the effort involved in this annual task can be quite burdensome, but Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise don't make any allowances. In fact, failure to submit annual accounts to Companies House can lead to costly fines and damage to your company's reputation. Customs and Excise can demand to see your company accounts at any time.

Benefits of using us: many companies could benefit by letting someone else do the books while they focus on growing their core business, in whatever area they operate. At Coddan, we have been helping a wide range of companies do just that, by providing them with an affordable bookkeeping, accounting and consultancy service. For many years, our specialist team in England has taken care of the paperwork while our clients get on with their business.

As well as preparing the annual accounts, at Coddan we offer a complete bookkeeping service, making sure that all invoices, VAT returns, payroll issues, tax matters, and any other paperwork is accurately recorded and kept up to date. The Coddan team can help new companies by preparing their first set of books, and going forward we can provide you with a monthly report so that you have a snapshot of your company's finances. This means you can see how the business is growing, and you'll always have well presented accounts to show any prospective investor, or when seeking additional finance.

For many smaller business in particular, pulling together the end-of-year accounts is a mammoth task and one that stops them from concentrating on looking after their client's needs and promoting their own products and services. But with Coddan's help, you never need to be sidetracked in that way again.