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Reinstating a Struck Off Company

Reinstating a struck off limited company with Coddan: if you are looking to restart a limited company that was previously dissolved, you need to seek expert advice and make sure every step is correctly followed. Under certain conditions, limited companies which Companies House lists as dissolved can be reinstated and can begin trading again under their original name. If your business meets certain criteria and if you as the applicant are a director or shareholder of the business, you will be able to seek permission to start running again. Discover whether your limited company can be reinstated and let Coddan's company formation agent and legal experts take care of all the details for you. Call now for advice and further information.
  Restoration of a Limited Company to the Register
UK Company Restoration

Restoration of a dissolved company: we will help with the administrative restoration of a company, assist with restoring a dissolved company back to the register. The following services are included upon the restoration of a struck-off company: the preparation of all paperwork; the application at the Companies House & treasure solicitors; the service of documents on the defendants & receiving a letter of no objection (a waiver letter).

Price: £850.00

Restore a dissolved company

If your private company has been dissolved, you can apply to Companies House to get it restored to the register. This is a process known as administrative restoration, and only applies if: you were a director or shareholder in the dissolved company; the limited company was still trading at the time it was dissolved and if it was taken off the register within the last six years.

If you don't fulfil the above requirements, don't fret; the company can still be restored – the process will just take longer, as it will have to go through the courts.

The application process is fairly simple, and requires the completion of an application form, the supply of relevant documentation and the payment of a small fee. The registrar will then consider your application and then, hopefully, restore your private company to the Companies House register.

Coddan offers a full private company restoration service to the register service so, if you’re in any doubt as to your obligations when it comes to restoring your dissolved company, just get in touch with us today.

Restoring a limited company to the Register

Restoring a Limited Company

Restoring a company to the register isn't too complicated a process but you should be aware of certain conditions surrounding the registration.

For example, to apply to Companies House to restore your company you must have been either a director or a shareholder of that company. In addition to this, the company must have been struck off and/or dissolved within the last six years, and it must also have been trading at the time it was dissolved. If any of this is not the case you will need a court order for the restoration.

Finally, to complete the application to register you must fill out form, and send a cheque that is payable to 'Companies House' along with any documents of interest, such as annual returns or your accounts. You should also be aware of any penalty payments or filing fees you may be charged.

Finally, if the company had assets, a waiver letter will be required from Bona Vacantia (meaning vacant goods) as those assets go by law to the crown if they are deemed as owner-less. The form is the application itself for 'administrative restoration', so you will need to make sure it is filled out correctly. All of this being done and in order means you will then have to wait for a confirmation letter from the chief registrar.

If you need help with this process don't hesitate to contact Coddan, whose experts can guide you through the UK private limited company restoration to the companies register.