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Role & Responsibilities of the Company Secretary

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ANNUAL FEE £125.00

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This package is primarily designed to help director(s) keep companies fully compliant with the law. Our secretary services are charged annually, and must be renewed each year.

With this option we will provide the following service:



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This is the basic secretary package with additional signed documents. Our secretarial services are charged annually, and must be renewed each year.

This secretary offer includes all services mentioned in the first option, plus:



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This is one of our very popular secretary packages; with this option, we will file the company confirmation statement, and pay the government filing fees for the submission of confirmation statement.

The third option includes all benefits & items mentioned in the second option, plus:



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This is our the most popular company secretarial service package, which includes the preparation of the confirmation statement, submission of the annual account.

The fourth option includes all benefits & items mentioned in the third option, plus:

Importance of a company secretary

Other duties a private company secretary is usually involved in include signing off on various important documents – in effect, being the official signatory for the company – as well as acting as the company's representative in any discussions with outside parties, from banks to accountants, potential business partners, solicitors and many more. Your LTD’ appropriate a Formal Business Address is must to be filled in and a duly-registered on the Registrar of Companies records and with the HMRC report as well․

A company secretary's role in ensuring the smooth running of a limited company extends to the share structure of the firm, and constantly checking the ownership of the shares. The secretary will also keep copies of all resolutions of members, and can give notice of annual and extraordinary general meetings as they arise. If you're planning on establishing a company with the role of secretary included, but either don't have a candidate to fill it or would rather not use your own personnel – for privacy of other reasons – here at Coddan we can provide a secretary for you. Our won’t have any control over your company and you can change them at any time.

We have a number of companies incorporation packages to suit various needs, starting from just £125.00. Online company formation with a secretary: applying for a secretary with us is simple – all you need to do is fill out our online application form, and we will do the rest. If you'd like to talk to us about having a secretary for your company, our expert business consultants are available to answer your queries. Get in touch with us now and they’ll be happy to help.

Should you register a sole director company, or should you apoint a secretary for your private company

Benefits of Appointing a Nominee Secretary

Benefits of appointing a secretary: the benefits of appointing a secretary for your company with Coddan are numerous, and with every company in the UK obliged to appoint a secretary, its a position your company cannot afford to ignore. The duties that would have been the responsibility of the company secretary still exist whether you currently have a secretary or not. These need addressing and no director of a company big or small will want to be saddled with all the admin and paperwork. Every successful director knows the importance of delegation. So why choose Coddan? Our wealth of experience will be able to assist your business in the appointment of a new secretary. Our efficient, professional and low-cost services will help you make the best business decisions and guide you towards the future. If you need an assistance with a secretary in UK, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

While the Companies Act does not specify the role of the secretary, their duties are often determined in the employment contract. The secretary is responsible for filing the confirmation statement and other statutory company documentation, and assuring that Companies House is aware of any changes to the company structure, including the addition or subtraction of members and the changes of registered office address. Individuals can complete many of these tasks by visiting the Companies House website, using their webfiling system.

Company Secretary Responsibility

Company Secretary Responsibility

Company secretaries are also frequently involved with making sure the company is legally compliant in areas such as health and safety and data protection. They are also often asked to sign leases on behalf of the board or act as a signatory more generally & may also get involved in negotiations with outside advisers, including accountants and lawyers. If a company has a company secretary, directors will usually delegate their responsibility for ensuring sending up-to-date information to Companies House to the secretary.