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Whether you are starting up a new limited company or running a successful, established one they all need careful, skilled administration. This is another time and hassle saving specialist service Coddan provides to the business owners. We will help you to ensure that your private company complies with its obligations under the companies law. Directors' obligations change on a regular basis and some major changes are heading our way soon.

With our extensive knowledge in this important aspect of running a business, quickly but accurately, we can make sure that you avoid the risk of penalties and the frustration of a red tape. Typical client projects range from routine but essential annual compliance to specialist and more complex one-off situations.

Coddan Ltd registers businesses of all types, in the UK and across numerous offshore locations. Our team of dedicated and experienced experts can assist you by setting up the right business structure for you, registering your company with a host of additional extras that you can greatly benefit from. In addition, we can tailor-make packages and help manufacture new business vehicles to ensure that you are maximising profit whilst legally minimising tax.

Our services have proven to be immensely popular amongst our non-UK resident clients, who are often unable to fulfil the minimum mandatory legal requirements. When registering in the UK, you will need a registered office address within the UK, at least one physical director, and a shareholder to hold a minimum of one share (£1.00) in the company bank account.

It is important to remember that even when taking our services, you will still need to take responsibility for the mandatory paperwork with Companies House, such as annual returns, and accounts. The failure to produce these things on time can lead to hefty fines. However, by taking Coddan as your company secretary we are able to relive the burden of much of the mandatory paperwork (for an additional fee). We understand that while some people are business-orientated, they may not be so confident about the finer details that they will need to complete.

Our professional and experienced staffs can provide company secretary services to your company. It includes:

  • Skilled, specialist, professional advisors
  • Fast, top quality service
  • Technical support from other Coddan experts
  • Time and hassle saved by you
  • Computerised statutory records using the latest in PC software
  • Fees agreed at the outset of a project
  • Concern for and interest in the health of your company, ensuring that you meet deadlines set by the Companies Act without fear of penalties for late filing or prosecution
  • Versatility on our part - working in partnership with a wide range of companies and entrepreneurs form small companies to major groups
  • Advice and guidance on setting up a company, avoiding pitfalls and matching legal obligations
  • Acting as company secretary of your company
  • Assisting and advising on establishment of new companies overseas
  • Organising and witnessing required meeting of directors and shareholders
  • Alongside preparation of the minutes of meetings
  • Advising you on the appropriate legal procedures to change the officers of the company
  • Amending the accounting reference date, declare a dividend, etc.
  • Advising you of directors' responsibilities
  • Maintaining your statutory registers (keeping the registers required by law)
  • Maintaining your statutory minutes
  • Attend the Board and general meetings to advise you on procedure and to take minutes
  • Provision of a registered office address
  • Filing all necessary accounts, forms, returns and resolutions on the public record at Company's House
  • Advising and assisting you with your tax compliance obligations
  • Giving guidance on compliance and the information which must be notified to the Registrar of Companies
  • Providing the documents relating to company's annual, general or extraordinary directors' meetings
  • Reminding you, and/or your accountant, of the filing deadline for accounts
  • Issue and transfers of shares
  • Changing company name
  • Changing of company registered address
  • Share allotment
  • Applying for deregistration of a company
  • Dissolving the company
  • Assisting start-ups with all of the other aspects of starting a business
  • Amending Articles of Association for taxation, practical or commercial reasons
  • Advising in relation to the legality of dividends

Aside from the above mentioned, Coddan can provide your company with numerous accountancy packages. The packages cover a wide range of services, and the price is dependent on how much trading you do throughout the year. In smaller companies that are just starting out, the company secretary performs the necessary accountancy duties in the majority of instances.

They may be doing this out of necessity rather than fulfilling the obligation because they have experience in that area of expertise. You can avoid this sort of mandatory practise by taking Coddan's accountancy services, which not only relieves the burden from the company secretary but also gives all company members’ confidence, as a qualified professional will handle the accounts.

The overall benefit of Coddan acting as your company secretary gives you the peace of mind to know that a registered formation agency can perform all the mandatory tasks that your company will have to complete with the Companies House. In addition, we can act as an additional signatory for any documents that require signing by another person aside from the director. Sometimes an extra signature is required to open up bank accounts, and Coddan will readily oblige.

Annual returns are a compulsory chore. Companies must submit annual returns and accounts to Companies House without fail and on time, otherwise they run the risk of severe fines and eventually, having their company dissolved. It is important to realise just how serious these duties are. Neglecting the annual returns and accounts could be a mistake with catastrophic consequences.

At Coddan, we understand that while some people may have a sharp business intellect and an ambitious mind that has enabled them to become successful within their field, they may not have the time or interest in conforming to the duties that are required.

The accounts and returns can be tedious and often strenuous, especially for those who have never attempted to complete them before. For a reasonable fee, Coddan will perform any secretarial duty that you require. Perhaps you are not confident with accessing computer systems, or maybe you are not good with math? In such instances, it is far easier to let Coddan's professional experts take over and relieve the burden, which will allow you to concentrate on the growth of the business.

You can prioritise your business ventures whilst allowing Coddan to keep your company updated with Companies House, which in turn, ensures that you avoid infringing on any criminal charges by refusing to file the required documents with Companies House