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Coddan CPM Ltd. – Company Registration Agent in the UK
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Statutory accounts

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VAT registration & returns

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Company start-up from £24.99,
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Company secretarial services

Home Accounting & administration Top Tips for Starting Your Own Business Why to Use Coddan to Incorporate Your Business in UK?

Why to Use Coddan to Incorporate Your Business in UK?

Why to use Coddan to incorporate your business in UK?

Incorporate Your Business in UK

We calculate your tax liability on a pro rata basis so that you are providing for your tax liability correctly on an on-going basis and not over or under providing. If you are uncertain about your IR35 status, every time your private company gets paid we calculate what your IR35 liability would be if you fell within the legislation. You can then opt to retain funds in your company account to cover yourself until you have decided your status.

You, the director are in control; we do not control your limited company. You determine what your expenses will be, how much dividend you want paid, how much salary you want paid. We are sensitive to your needs, available for advice and flexible … unlike composite companies or the managed service of our competitors.

If you have questions about legal aspects of your company incorporation application, you should speak to one of our consultants. We are very happy to provide a practical support, we have a team of professional business advisers and consultants who can support you to strengthen and grow your business.

We can help if you need a qualified advice and guidance in any of the following areas:

  • How to select the best business form
  • How to start and register your own business in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland or/and Republic of Ireland
  • How to get your company up and running
  • How to satisfy to the new legislation (Companies Act 2006) and legal requirements prior to register a new corporate entity in the UK
  • Reasons to register a public company, non-profit company or limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • How to establish a subsidiary company or a branch in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, United States of America, Cyprus, or in other offshore low-tax countries
  • How to manage your already established company
  • How to fulfil the legal requirements and avoid penalties and common mistakes when sending forms and documents to Companies House; etc.

In the case if you would like to register a company in the United Kingdom and you are not UK resident or British citizen, this would not have been a problem if you will appoint us as your incorporation agent. A party to a contract who is not domiciled in England or Wales usually appoints a process agent. We, as your incorporation agent will act as the agent for the acceptance of service of incorporation process in England, Wales, Scotland, or Ireland (in Belfast or Dublin).

You will not be left on your own once you have started up a company, we still are here to help you with any problems that you may face as you establish and grow your business. Our advisers will answer any questions you may have and explain what you, or we, might do in your current circumstances. If necessary, you may return to us for further help as matters progress. Our team of full-time professional business advisers can guide you through the essential steps to launching your own business. Please, take a note that we can have meetings with current of positional customers by appointment only.

Do I Need a Visa for the UK to Start a Business in the UK?

The United Kingdom is the home of Europe's largest city and is embedded in the culture, vocabulary and dreams of English speakers worldwide. It is seen as an economic hub for trade between Europe and North America with the United Kingdom benefiting from the situation for centuries. The United Kingdom still has one of the strongest economies in the world today.

The United Kingdom has a population of diverse backgrounds, given the variety of people who have settled here over the centuries. The majority of the population is Anglo-Saxon which is predominantly German-Scandinavian in origin.

Since the middle of last century there has been significant immigration from many ex-colonies, especially the Caribbean, Pakistan and India. The United Kingdom has a positive view on increasing the multicultural population of the country with the amount of people immigrating to the United Kingdom increasing every year. The UK is in the process of liberalising its immigration laws and has a generally open and positive approach concerning those who wish to enter the country to work or set up a business.

British citizens, those with Right of Abode or settled in the UK and nationals of European Economic Area countries (see Appendixes for a list of these countries) are permitted to live and work freely in the UK. All others can apply to enter the UK to work or set up in business. Nationals of certain countries, known as visa nationals, require a visa or prior entry clearance to enter the UK for any reason. Others require prior entry clearance, depending on the reason for coming to the UK.

Entry clearance must be applied for at the British Embassy, High Commission or other British Diplomatic Mission which issues visas in the country where the applicant is normally and legally resident.

Where there is no such post the applicant must apply to the appropriate designated post outside the country or territory where they are living. An applicant for entry clearance must be outside the United Kingdom and Islands at the time of the application.