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Advantages of Forming a Company With Coddan

Advantages of registering a company with Coddan

Advantages of Registering a Company With Coddan Ltd

Registering a limited company with Companies House in the UK is a relatively straightforward process in itself, but it can present certain difficulties and pitfalls which are more easily avoided by utilising services such as those offered by Coddan. We provide incorporation service to assist companies with completion of the Companies House registration form. This ensures that your LTD private company registration application form can be checked by business experts prior to submission, and makes any delay in the process much less likely.

Use of our addresses for your registered office - further advantages of this registration service include the use of our addresses in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Belfast and Edinburgh for your company's registered office. In the UK, Companies House requires businesses to have a registered office address in the same country in which they are registered. Upon company incorporation with registered office address, this address is made public. Where the business owner lives and works from home, they may not want this address to be known publicly. By using our addresses, this can be easily avoided.

In some cases, a business trading address may have moved to a different country from the one in which they are registered. To avoid difficulty with Companies House, the registered address can become one of the addresses offered by Coddan in the Great Britain. Where we deal with the accountancy and legal aspects of a business, it is beneficial for our addresses to be used as the registered address, so that official documentation and tax information can be received as soon as possible.

SAIL address - the single alternative inspection location (SAIL) address is a response to the 2009 changes to the law that requires certain documents to be available to the government for inspection purposes at the registered company address. These documents have to be made available for inspection for at least two hours of each working day. Private limited companies are usually given around 10 working days notice prior to inspection. Public limited companies (PLCs), are expected to make these documents available without notice.

For business owners working from home, or for companies with a small working office, nominating a SAIL may present a better option than having the disruption of the authorities conducting an inspection at the place of work. Directors and members address service - directors and members of registered UK companies are expected to provide the authorities with two addresses: a service address, and their residential location. These are then made public. Any service address must be able to receive Companies House documents and to forward them on within a reasonable period of time.

While there is no reason why a director or member cannot use their residential address as their service address – and in this case, the two addresses would be identical – using the company's registered address ensures privacy for the person in question. Additionally, there may be a need for the person to use a different address other than the company's registered one or that of their own residence.

This can happen where a company has many outlets, or where the registered office cannot assist with forwarding important documents. Coddan offers directors and members the use of their service address facilities in London, to avoid any of the above situations.