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Registered Office and Business Address For UK & Non-UK Customers

Registered office and business address for UK & non-UK customers

Registered Office and Business Address

As part of our wide range of services at Coddan, we provide official addresses for clients that are different to their actual premises, and these are then registered with the relevant authorities. There are many reasons why people might want an official registered office or business address. At the smallest scale, there are many companies of all types that are small and operate from home.

Owners of these businesses value their privacy and they don't want business people and government officials turning up to their home all the time, as it would be overly intrusive and upset the harmony of the home environment. They might also not want their home address appearing on official company registers, as it might give the wrong impression to clients and suppliers.

Medium and large companies may also want to protect their privacy, for reasons of competition. They can also have a single alternative inspection location (SAIL) address, which facilitates inspections by the authorities and is where the official company documentation is kept for that purpose. The simple solution to worries about addresses is to let Coddan supply an official office or business address. These are located at prestigious locations in the capital as well as in major cities right around the country.

This address is then available to clients to use as they wish – for example, printing it on business cards or using it on signs or in emails and documents. All official documentation from the authorities, such as Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs, will then be forwarded on to clients' place of business or residence. This service from Coddan is also beneficial to those who are not resident in the UK, and require an official office or business address in order to register a limited company or to transact business in the United Kingdom.

Companies changing premises or relocating to another area or part of the country can keep their business running smoothly by using this service. Our annual fees are low and we will remind clients when it comes near to renewal time.

If you have any questions about a registered office or business address, talk to our business consultants today.