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UK VAT Registration, Register for VAT Number from £65.00

At Coddan we are happy to discuss any specific questions about company formation and VAT registration requirements, no matter how complex your situation is, and our considerable experience of dealing with company's formation & VAT registration in the UK, allow us to give accurate advice in the majority of VAT registration cases. If your are looking for information about how to get the UK VAT registration certificate, we can also help!
We can help you to register for the VAT and can assist with the preparation and submission of your VAT returns. If you are a UK located business & you travel to another European Union member country on business, you may be entitled to recover VAT on some of your expenditure. Each European country has different rules about which expenses are recoverable and the rules can be complex. We can assist you to assess any VAT refunds and can compile and submit these claims to the relevant tax authority.

Register for VAT Number in the UK, Fast VAT Registration for UK and Non-UK Clients

The quality of company formation with VAT registration services and customers satisfaction is even more important than simple sales! Excellent tailored UK VAT registration packages and products, by skilful people, for great businesses: no pie in the sky prices, no short term promotional deals, no hidden restrictions, no hidden charges, no money back offers, no hassle & no gimmicks! Everything you need to register a company with VAT number is just few minutes away!

While we have tried to include the majority of customer new company with VAT registration requirements identified by our many years of managing the companies incorporation needs of both UK and non-UK residents, there may be company formation & VAT registration requirements that you need in addition to these. With us you can establish and register a company and get VAT registration number. You can create a private company or forming an LLP and apply for the VAT registration number.

Registering for VAT in the United Kingdom Online
The Pros and Cons of Voluntary VAT Registration for Limited Companies

VAT Registration Online

New company start-up and VAT registration: when you need the most solid foundations when forming a new company and also having it registered for VAT, you need the best advice and company formation assistance you can get. That's why more and more people are choosing the expertise of Coddan to make sure it's done right and they don't later encounter problems that could be harmful to their company.

Here at Coddan, we make company registration simple and easy. There's no need to spend large amounts of your time and money in meetings with solicitors and dealing with big volumes of paperwork, when we have a straightforward way of forming a company that will save you not only time, but money. If you need an assistance with VAT registrations in UK, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

How to Register for VAT? VAT Registration With Coddan is Simple and Quick Process

VAT Registration With Coddan

The value added tax (VAT) is the tax charged on most business transactions made in the United Kingdom or in the Isle of Man. The value added tax (VAT) is a general consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. It is a general tax that applies, in principle, to all commercial activities involving the production and distribution of goods and the provision of services.

It is a consumption tax because it is borne ultimately by the final consumer.

It is charged as a percentage of prices, which means that the actual tax burden is visible at each stage in the production and distribution chain. It is collected fractionally, via the system of deductions whereby taxable persons (i.e., VAT-registered businesses) can deduct from their VAT liability the amount of tax they have paid to other taxable persons on purchases for their business activities.

This mechanism ensures that the tax is neutral regardless of how many transactions are involved. If you wish to register for VAT in the United Kingdom, a VAT registration form needs to be completed.

We can provide all of the necessary assistance to complete the VAT registration form efficiently and accurately. We can also advise you with regard to supporting documentation, such as copy invoices & contracts, that you may need to submit to the HMRC with your VAT registration form.

Coddan is specialised in UK VAT registrations for non-UK located businesses, the requirement to register for the VAT is determined mainly by your business trade & not necessarily the country where your business resides. You may be required to register your company for the VAT because you have drawn down stock in the United Kingdom, or trade internationally over the Internet.

We can help you to register for the VAT and can assist with the preparation and submission of your VAT returns. If you are a UK located business & you travel to another European Union member country on business, you may be entitled to recover VAT on some of your expenditure. Each European country has different rules about which expenses are recoverable and the rules can be complex.

We can assist you to assess any VAT refunds and can compile and submit these claims to the relevant tax authority.

It currently takes around a month for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to process applications for VAT registration, although it can take longer (up-to six month) if they need to carry out additional checks. To avoid delays or even the rejection of your VAT application, you need to provide details of your current business account, a copy of the lease agreement, or other document, which can confirm the real place of business.

For an example, you company may have a registered office from us in London, but the real place of business is located in Cumbria, you need to be ready to confirm your address to the HMRC upon their request.

HMRC can also ask for copies of incoming VAT invoices from your current service providers, and ask details of your potential customers with the copies of your pro-forma or VAT invoices. However, the British system for starting up a limited company is outlined based on companies having the UK-based clients or have prospective clients.

The VAT registration can be a difficult process for limited companies having no clients or prospective clients yet.

Ready Made Company With VAT

Ready Made Company With VAT

When time is essence and you want to get right into action, it may be preferable for you to look at the solution of buying a pre-packaged company with a pre-assigned VAT number for you to get your business kick started. We offer you solutions tailored to suit your requirements when you are looking for buying a limited company with VAT already obtained. Contact us to see how we can assist you

Register for VAT: What is the VAT?

VAT is a tax that's charged on most business transactions in the UK. Businesses add VAT to the price they charge when they provide goods and services to:

  • Business customers; for example a clothing manufacturer adds VAT to the prices they charge a clothes shop;
  • Non-business customers; members of the public or 'consumers' - for example a hairdressing salon includes VAT in the prices they charge members of the public.

If you're a VAT-registered business, in most cases you:

  • Charge VAT on the goods and services you provide;
  • Reclaim the VAT you pay when you buy goods and services for your business.

If you're not VAT-registered then you can't reclaim the VAT you pay when you purchase goods and services. There are different VAT rates, depending on the goods or services that are being provided. Currently there are three rates:

  • Standard rate 20 per cent
  • Reduced rate 5 per cent
  • Zero rate 0 per cent.

The standard rate of VAT is the default rate - this is the rate that's charged on most goods and services in the UK unless they're specifically identified as being reduced or zero-rated. There are some items that aren't covered by VAT. These items are either:

  • Exempt
  • Outside the scope of VAT

There are some things that aren't in the UK VAT system at all - they're outside the scope of VAT. They are not taxable supplies and no VAT is charged on them. Items that are outside the scope of VAT include:

  • Non-business activities like a hobby - for example, you might sell some stamps from your collection
  • Fees that are fixed by law - known as 'statutory fees' - for example the congestion charge or vehicle MoT tests

VAT Registration: Who Can Register for VAT?

You can register for VAT if you're in business and you are one of these:

  • An individual sole-trade or sole-proprietor
  • A partnership, including a limited liability partnership
  • A private company limited by shares, or a company limited by guarantee
  • A club
  • An association
  • A charity
  • Any other organisation or group of people acting together under a particular name, such as an educational or health institution, exhibition, conference, etc.
  • A trust

You can't register for VAT if either of these is true:

  • You sell only goods or services that are exempt from VAT
  • You aren't in business according to the definition that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) uses for VAT purposes

You can only register for VAT if you're in business. HMRC defines a business as a continuing activity involving getting paid for providing goods or services - in money or another form of payment such as in-kind or barter. You are in business when, for example:

  • You earn an income by carrying on a trade, vocation or profession - by being self-employed or through another entity such as a limited company
  • You provide membership benefits as a club, association or similar body in return for a subscription or other form of payment
  • You provide certain other activities as a club or other recreational body, charity or other non-profit making body
  • You charge admission to a premises

To be in business, these activities must have a degree of frequency and scale and be continued over a period of time. Even if your activities have some or all the characteristics of a business, they may not be considered a business for VAT purposes if they are essentially a recreation or hobby, or an isolated transaction.

So if you only make occasional VAT taxable supplies, or your supplies are minimal, it may be that you don't need to register for VAT. The one-off or infrequent sale of your personal belongings at a car boot sale or auction, for example, would fall into this category - but buying goods for resale on a regular basis is definitely a business activity.

Becoming a UK EU Registered Importer

Becoming a UK & EU Registered Importer

All commercial importers must have a unique EORI number. Those that do not currently have one, will have to obtain one from HM Revenue and Customs. In most cases, the EORI application will normally be processed within five working days. We strongly recommend that you submit your EORI application well in advance of when you wish to use the EORI number to avoid delays at import or export. Contact us to see how we can assist you, or click here to read more...

VAT Registration: You are Doing Business in the UK, or Intend to Start a Business in the United Kingdom

If your real place of business is in the UK or you live here, you may need to register for the VAT, or you may be able to choose to register voluntarily, if you are doing any of the following kinds of business in the UK: -

Supplying goods or services within the United Kingdom: if your turnover of VAT taxable goods and services supplied within the UK for the previous 12 months is more than the current registration threshold of £81,000, or you expect it to go over that figure in the next 30 days alone, you must register for VAT. However, if your turnover has gone over the registration threshold temporarily then you may be able to apply for exception from registration - see the section later in this guide for more information.

Taking over a VAT-registered business from someone else: you have to add your own VAT taxable turnover over the last 12 months (if any) to that of the business you're taking over. If the total goes over the registration threshold on the day of the takeover (currently £81,000), you'll have to register.

Receiving goods from other countries in the European Union (EU): if you have received goods from other EU countries in the UK (these are known as acquisitions) with a total value greater than £81,000 in the current year since 1 January, or you expect to acquire more than that value in the next 30 days alone, you must register for VAT.

When Can I Register Voluntarily as an NETP?

When Can I Register Voluntarily as an NETP?

An NETP is any person who is not normally resident in the UK, does not have a UK establishment and, in the case of a company, is not incorporated here. You may be entitled to register in the UK voluntarily and claim back any VAT you have been charged here if you intend to make taxable supplies here more than 30 days in the future. Contact us to see how we can assist you, or click here to read more...