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New limited company registration online & PSC register requirements in details

Limited company creation packages for UK clients



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In the case you have your own address in the UK and wish to form a limited company online with the Lloyds, RBS or Barclays business bank account, we can do it for you. No paper forms to complete, no hidden offers, all is simple!

Upon a company formation in UK we will send the following documents via an e-mail:



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If you have an address somewhere in the Great Britain & looking for a new limited company registration with the guaranteed bank account plus with the legal required documents which you will receive by an e-mail and by the post, this is your offer!

This package includes all benefits described in the first business start-up option, plus:



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The traditional trappings of private company formation online with impressive bound documents is for clients, who have their own address in the Great Britain and wish to start a business in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This opportunity includes all business set-up benefits described in the two previous offers, plus the free delivery of:



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If you are the British expatriate &/or UK resident, who are interesting of forming a new firm with the prestige legal address, this offer is for you!

This company formation in UK offer includes all company registration benefits described in the first option, with the extras of:

New company start-up packages for foreign clients



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Are you non-UK resident, who are looking to create a new company with the registered legal address in London, as well as Due Diligence compliance? This company incorporation option is for you!

We added the listed below benefits and items into this British LTD company start up offer:



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If you wish to register a company with the director' service address, business and SAIL address, along with domiciled address service for one year, this option could be ideal for your incorporation needs.

We included everything from the first company registration option together with the following extra benefits:



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This offer includes everything from the previous options, we added the appointment of a legal secretary for one year, to help you to maintain the company with the Companies House & HMRC.

This British company registration opportunity includes everything in the third business start-up option, with:



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If you wish to open a company with the London address, appoint a nominee director and nominee shareholder for one year, this option could be ideal for your incorporation needs. The UK business bank account is included into this package.

We added the following services into this opportunity:

Coddan is passionate about delivering a quality service to each and every one of our clients, so that we can guide them through the entire process. Our skillful advisers can expertly tailor our UK LTD company registration products and packages to suit your start-up's circumstances.

Same day UK limited company registration online opportunity: if you're interesting with an alternative way of structuring your business, opening a limited company (Ltd) could prove advantageous. Although there are often additional costs involved, the process of establishing a private company in the United Kingdom is not as complex as setting-up a limited partnership. If you're considering starting your limited company, don't be afraid to get in touch with us. Our expert advisers are available between 9.30 am – 6.00 pm Monday to Friday, and can guide you through every step from start to finish. If you've any inquiry then please get in touch with us! Mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are rushing please feel free to call us between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) and chat further.


Register a private company with us is fast and easy!

We are proud to provide a transparent, hassle-free service that offers everything you need to form a limited company in the Great Britain. There are no extortionate prices, hidden incorporation fees or restrictions, and we will not bombard you with short-term promotions or money back offers. Everything you need to register your company limited by shares online is just a few clicks away, or you can call Coddan now to discuss your options with one of our expert advisers.

Although we have outlined the majority of requirements that will apply to new customers setting-up a business in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each individual case is different. For example, further corporate or ownership documents may be requested in your country of residence to navigate the risk of double taxation.

After several years of successfully managing the LTD company registration of numerous local and international customers, Coddan's experts will help to ensure that you have fulfilled all of the necessary requirements. Call now to find out more about what you will need to open your organisation.

Online UK Company Establishment & PSC Register Requirements FAQ

Limited companies and PSC requirements

What is the register of people with significant control (PSC)?

UK business entities are now required to identify and record the people who own the companies (beneficiaries) or the persons who own control of the organisation. The register is available to the public and is an addition to the directors and shareholder register.

What does a firm have to do?

All directors must identify and record the details of the PSC on public register; they must also update the register whenever there is a change of circumstances, the director must keep a record of how the PSC was identified, and in some cases demonstrate how the firm has failed to identify a PSC.

How do you record the details of the PSC?

Existing companies can record the details of their PSC when filing the confirmation statement (replacing the old annual return), all newly incorporated entities must provide details of the PSC with the incorporation application, and the new organisation will not be created unless a PSC is provided or a PSC statement is submitted.

What details will appear on the PSC register?

The PSCs name, surname, date of birth (month and year of birth only), nationality, country of residents and the service address will appear on the public register, furthermore the date the person become a PSC and the level of control will also be available on the public records.

What happens if the PSC details are not submitted?

Failure to provide accurate information on the PSC register and failure to comply with notices requiring someone to provide information are criminal offences, and may result in a fine and or a prison sentence of up to two years.

Does the provision of a nominee director or shareholder can help to avoid the PSC registration?

Nominee directors and nominee shareholders never were the actual owners of the organisations, they always acted on behalf of the real owners ("shadows directors"). Professional firms, who offered the provision of nominees always signed special set of documents in between the nominees and the beneficiary owners to avoid any kind of responsibilities which could happen from the side of the real owner. Nominees will never act as the real owners of organisation, and their names will not be listed as the PSC.

Does it mean, that I need to register my self as the PSC even I ordered the nominee service?

Yes, we need to register you, or the third person, who controls the firm as the person with the significant control. Nominee director is receiving instructions from the real owner, nominee shareholder hold shares on behalf of the beneficiary owner, means, your nominees cannot be appeared as the person with the significant control, because they are not controlling the business at all.

Identification of the PSC

How an entity can identify the person with significant control?

An entity can identify a PSC by examining the companies register and other constitution documents such as the articles or internal resolutions.

Can an organisation' director qualify as a PSC?

If the individual has 25% or more voting rights or is involved in the day to day running of the business, then this person qualifies as a PSC and must be listed on the PSC public records, the person will be deemed to have significant control of their business.

Can an association shareholder qualify as a PSC?

Any individual who holds over 25% of the shares will qualify as a PSC, this can be identified through the register of members/subscribers, or through the latest filed confirmation statement (or the old annual return).

Can a person not listed on constitutional documents qualify as a PSC?

Yes, any person who has the power to add or remove the majority of the board of directors, or exercises actual influence over the organisation will qualify as a PSC, this individual can be the actual beneficiary or someone who regularly sit on the board meetings, or has indirect connection through a parent firm or trust.

Can a nominee director/shareholder qualify as a PSC?

No, nominee directors and shareholders are generally appointed for record purposes only, and in most cases have little or no influence over the day to day running of the business. In this case the person who qualifies as a PSC will generally be the beneficiary or/and the person(s) who hold the general power of attorney.

What if my firm has five shareholders?

If your firm has five or more shareholders, who are the private individuals, and none of them holds more then 25% of shares, you do not need to identify and register a person with the significant control. If your shareholders are the corporate bodies, you need to be sure, that their ownership does not belong to one or two private individuals. If such corporate shareholders belongs to one or two people, you need to register them as the persons with the significant control.

Can I split the ownership of shares to avoid the PSC registration?

It depends on the situation, let’s say, that you are a director, and its sole shareholder. You might split the organisation ownership with other four additional shareholders, but if they do not have the significant influence or control over a firm, you need to be documented as the PSC. The ownership does not automatically refer to the person with the significant control, the significant influence or control over a firm is the second important part of the legislation.

Corporate PSC (aka "relevant legal entity")

Can the corporate entity to be listed as the PSC?

In some cases, a limited company can list a corporate body as person with significant control (relevant legal entity), this is done to either avoid duplicate entries on Companies House, or the corporate body listed is already regulated to a level which meets the PSC purpose or objective. It means, if the UK established corporation "A" passed the PSC requirements and recorded information about the person with the significant control, and such entity is the shareholder of another UK organisation "B", the "B" firm can use it as the relevant legal entity.

When can a firm list a corporate body as a PSC?

If the corporate entity concludes that significant control is exercised by another corporate body, then it is entitled to list this corporate body on the PSC register only if:

(a) The corporate body is a UK entity and this entity has already provided an up to date PSC register, in this case there is no need to enter the same PSC details twice, the level of transparency required by the introduction of the PSC register has been satisfied;

(b) The corporate body is an incorporated charity, listed on the stock exchange or regulated by the FCA, in this case the corporate body is already strictly regulated and would already meet the transparency criteria and can be listed as a PSC.

Can a foreign or offshore entity be listed as a PSC?

A foreign entity can only be recorder as the company’s PSC if it is an established charity, listed on the stock exchange or regulated by the FCA. If the entity is not regulated by any of the authorities, then it cannot be listed as a PSC as this will not offer enough transparency demanded by the PSC regulations. In this case the person who has significant control or the beneficiaries of the foreign entity would qualify as the PSC for the UK firm.

Can I register my Cyprus corporation as the relevant legal entity?

If your Cyprus corporation acts as the shareholder of your British incorporated entity, you can entry it as the relevant legal entity, if: - it keeps its own person with the significant control registers in Cyprus; or It is subject to Chapter 5 of the FCA's disclosure and transparency; or It has voting shares admitted to trading on a regulated market in the UK or EU, in Switzerland, USA, Japan and Israel.

As far as it is not necessary to keep its own person with the significant control registers in Cyprus, you cannot list your Cypriot firm as the relevant legal entity.

Are all UK entities required to submit details of the PSC?

Yes, all business entities registered in the UK, including the limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, companies limited by guarantee and limited by shares and unlimited companies are require to file information about the person with the significant control or relevant legal entity. There are no exemptions.

My British firm owned by an offshore holding, do I still need to provide PSC information?

Yes, as described in examples above, the British firm must comply with the PSC disclosure requirements at all times, even if its owned by an offshore holding.

My British corporation is owned by an offshore holding and I have a power of attorney to represent the business; can a nominee director of an offshore IBC be recorded as a PSC?

It is not only the direct control over the society that identifies the PSC. There are several criteria explained above under which the test is made, and PSC is identified. Being final owner of an offshore holding and having been granted the power of attorney on behalf of the company to present it in any transactions, you automatically qualify as a person of control.

If an entity is owned by the trust, do I need to submit details of the PSC?

Yes, each corporation must submit information about person of control regardless of the ownership, except cases described above where RLE rule applies.

My British or Scottish firm is owned by an offshore trust, can I register trust as a PSC or RLE?

No, an offshore trust cannot be considered as a person of control, as only a private individual can be listed in the PSC section. Moreover, not being a registered legal entity, trust does not qualify for the position of a RLE.

My business is owned by the UK trust, do I still need to file PSC report?

The data about person of control is still required even if corporation is owned by a trust.

My enterprise is owned by a UK trust, what details should be filed?

Unless there is anyone else who is influencing the decision making in the firm and due to the way trust is managed, the trustee of the trust are listed as a person of control as those who exercise the control and management of the trust and the entity, which is managed by this trust.

I still need to clarify some directions, may I contact you?

Yes, sure. If you still have questions about the person with significant control, or the relevant legal entity, feel free to contact us.

Online company start-up in Great Britain

Can I open an offshore enterprise in United Kingdom?

There are no offshore companies in the UK. All local companies are considered as the tax resident organisations in the UK, and are required to declare their profits, submit their accounts and tax return and pay the tax in the Great Britain from its worldwide income.

Can I open an offshore corporation in Scotland?

The UK is not an offshore heaven. Scotland is the part of the Great Britain and local Scottish companies are subject to the same tax regime as entities created in other parts of the United Kingdom.

What is the difference in between the Scottish and British company?

Companies Act 2006 applies to all firms incorporated all over the United Kingdom. There is no difference between corporations registered in England, Wales, Scotland or in Northern Ireland except for the location of the domiciled office address.

What are the unlimited company advantages?

Unlimited companies are not required to file annual accounts with Companies House, which means that the affairs of the business are kept away from public records and shareholder's dividends aren't made public.

Do I need to pay the company share capital?

There is no requirement for a British LTD to pay its capital at the time of incorporation. Share capital can be paid at later stage. The capital can be fully or partly paid; this will need to be reflected in the corporation's accounts.

I hold the student visa, am I allowed starting a business?

Companies Act (Corporate Law) does not prohibit people on student visa from registering a business here; however, there might be issues with opening a bank account. This might also be in breach of your immigration status, so we suggest you to seek a legal advice.

Is it necessary to open a bank account for my business in Great Britain?

Local registered firms can seek the banking facilities in any location where it's convenient for their activities.

How it is easy to open a bank account in England or Scotland for overseas clients?

Local banks tent not to open accounts for entities which are owned and managed by non-British residents. For clients from overseas Coddan can offer banking introduction service with the various banks in across the EU.

If I appoint your nominee director, can you help with the bank account?

Yes, bank introduction service is available upon request. Unfortunately, banks located in the Great Britain do not open accounts for companies with nominee structures, however Coddan works with different banks in the EU which accept companies with nominee directors. Bank introduction service is subject to the approval of the company's activity by the bank and successful completion of due diligence procedures.

How it is easy to register for VAT?

Application for VAT registration can take between 2 to 8 weeks. For entities which do not have physical place of business in the UK and managed from overseas, processing of the VAT application can take up to 4-8 weeks.

Why the HMRC can reject the VAT application?

HMRC reserves the right to reject VAT application if they are not satisfied application is made for a genuine business; if the director of the organisation had previously defaulted on VAT via other business; if business does not have sufficient turnover, only does exempt suppliers or only except VAT refunds/repayments; if additional data requested by the HMRC on the base of original application is not provided within set amount of time.

If I need an apostille or a consular legalisation, how I can order this service?

Coddan works closely with solicitors, notaries, UK legalization office (FCO), various consulates and embassies. We can offer standard and expedited legalisation services of various corporate documents. Fees vary depending on the terms of legislation offered by the consulates. Should you require consulate legalisation service, feel free to contact us for a quote.

Do I need to have a seal or a stamp?

By law, companies do not require to use a seal. If the seal is essential for the business, then a special resolution of the board of directors will be required to about the seal and to approve its image. Documents which are certified by the seal will have to bear two signatures: of two directors, of director and a secretary, of director and a witness.

Do I need to have the certificate of good standing?

Certificate of good standing is usually not required for newly registered entities but may requested by your bank. Should this document be needed, Coddan will be glad to assist. Document can be issued as certified by the Companies House or can be legalized with apostille stamp as well.


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Guidance how to form an organisation with us

Private company formation in five easy steps: if you're looking to form a limited company limited by shares in the Great Britain, then Coddan can help you through every step of the process and have you up and running in a matter of hours. We're the business start up agency and after you spend just five minutes filing out the application form, we begin the procedure of forming your firm, which is completed within hours after you submit your application, which means you can start trading right away. Coddan files your application to establish an entity electronically; you don't need to sign anything and there's no paperwork to worry about.

All you have to do is run your business name through our checker tool to make sure it's allowed, then choose the package that best suits your needs and decide if you'd like to make use of Coddan's registered office address services, which can include a premium address to give your firm added sheen.

Then fill out your details, which should take you less than five minutes, and we'll come back to you with a confirmation of approval and registration from Companies House. It can occasionally take longer, but this will all usually happen within four hours and your documents will be emailed to you.

We provide clients in the UK and around the world with online limited company start-up and we are a Companies House e-filing partner. That means we can handle the whole private organisation establishment process online, which saves you time. So if you are interesting to start a business - trust the leading company set-up agent.


Choose Package

Phase 1: Select your bundle

There is a bundle for everybody.

A limited company incorporation package to suit you at Coddan. We have four basic company incorporation options for both local and international clients, so there is guaranteed to be one that will suit your requirements. For a full breakdown of what each package involves, please consult the following table.

Although this section covers private companies limited by shares, Coddan can also guide you through the process of forming a limited liability partnership, setting-up a limited partnership, registering a trust or a non-profit entity limited by guarantees.

Choose Company Name

Phase 2: Your business name

Do you know if your corporate's name is available?

Before the UK company registration, you need to make sure that the name you have given to your firm isn't already in use, or isn't too similar to a potential rival's. With the help of Coddan's name search tool, you can find out sooner rather than later whether your chosen name is available.

Our simple search tool is incredibly easy to use, and does all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is provide two name choices on the application form, and Coddan can check their availability.

Registered Address

Phase 3: Legals address service

You don't need to use your home address.

There are several reasons why many people choose not to use their home address as their registered office address. They may want to keep the details private, or create a more professional image.

Coddan can therefore provide you with a choice of premium registered office addresses for the public record, removing the need to use your home address. Additionally, we can also provide options for directors' service addresses.

Register a Company and Appoint Your Officers

Phase 4: Your officer(s) name(s)

Who will be your director and shareholder?

You know that your organisation needs at least one director and shareholder, which can be you. You may even wish to act as secretary. However, as stated by the Companies Act 2006, the director's residential address must be disclosed to the Companies Registrar. Many directors use a residential address as a service address.

Whenever a residential address isn't used, Companies House will need to know the alternative service address, which will be made available on public record. With the help of Coddan's legal business address service, you can establish an alternative address as your official business base.

Check Out

Phase 5: Pay for your order

After you have completed the above steps, you will be required to make a credit or debit card payment using our secure form. We also accept postal orders, cheques and bank transfers as well as Western Union and MoneyGram payments.

We will provide you with an invoice as well as the login details for the administration section of Coddan's website. For more details about our limited company establishment packages, call us now.