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Benefits of a Limited Company Incorporation

Private company incorporation for British residents



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Fast company incorporation online: this is the main package for solicitors and accountants who need a straightforward company start-up for their consumers, and who are going to provide further legally required documents.

Upon this business entity creation offer, we will send the following documents to your email:



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Easy company incorporation online: this is the fast and cheap way to establish a private firm in the UK. With this offer, you will receive digital copies of all legally required documents and you will get the laminated certificate of your entity.

This offer includes everything stated within the first option, & also combines:



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Cheap incorporation of e new firm online: this is the fast and easy way to establish a limited company in the UK. With this offer, you will receive hardbound copies of all legally required documents.

It is inclusive of all the advantages within the private company set-up in options one and two, as well as free delivery of the following:



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This is the excellent company incorporation package is designed to give your organisation a full legal presence with our prestigious registered office address.

It includes all benefits mentioned in option one with the extra advantages of:

Incorporation of a limited company in London for international consumers



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This company incorporation in London package is especially for non-UK residents, who are requiring establish a corporation with a domiciled address in London.

The following items are included into this LTD set-up offer:



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This new company incorporation package is especially for non-UK clients, who are requiring to open a private company in United Kingdom with the business address in London & a nominee director.

This limited company creation in London offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:



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This is our most comprehensive company incorporation package with all documents verified by solicitor or notary public & certified by the apostille stamp.

This UK LLC startup in London offer includes everything in the third option, plus:

It is easy to start a limited company with Coddan, who will help you choose the best route for your business. Whichever entity type is the most suitable, we will help you to make all the right choices and can aid with any necessary paperwork. Let Coddan help with your private company incorporation across the Great Britain, so that you can focus on the business. To incorporate an organisation with us, you do not need to create an account or even apply for membership; you simply need to complete the incorporation application and pay for the order. Upon doing so, we will complete all of the other necessary requirements for you. We are authorized agent and regulated by Companies House and HMRC, with many years' experience in assisting thousands of clients in incorporation of private companies in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and in Belfast.

If you've any questions then please get in touch with us! Mail: info@coddan.co.uk. We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you are rushing please feel free to call us between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates) and chat further.


Limited company incorporation across the United Kingdom

If the new business starting up is to be a limited company, Coddan can incorporate the private company when you purchase one of our's company limited by shares incorporation packages. A new limited liability entity set-up can often be completed the same day online, with your certification and official documents sent over to you.

We can offer additional business set-up services that you may not have even thought of, such as opening bank accounts, nominee director and nominee shareholder services. The nominee services are the perfect alternative for business entities starters who wish to remain private; Coddan can assist with legal work and ensure that, should any issues occur, the business owner has full rights.

Other help that we can offer is registering of a UK trust, which offers businesses and owners more confidentiality, protection over assets and lower tax bills. Trusts have helped enterprises for many years to pass their assets onto their children, without them having to bear the burden of the heavy penalties of inheritance tax.

We also have over 20 years' experience in incorporation of holding companies. They handle all of the necessary documentation and ensure they are all completed accurately and legally. Holding company incorporation in the United Kingdom has many benefits, most of which are based upon taxation regulations that Coddan's accountants and tax advisers can offer advice on. The expert team will ensure that your business can benefit from the most appropriate type of incorporation.


Incorporation of LLC companies in the Great Britain

Setting Up a Private Limited Company

Incorporation of a new limited company can be a money-saving solution. However, without the type of planning that a business start-up specialist like us can provide a business incorporation can quickly grow into a costly nightmare. New businesses starting up in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have to ensure specific structures are in place, including banking account arrangements, VAT registration and a nominee shareholder or directorship. Coddan can help with all of this and provide professional registered addresses that will enable a new firm to get up and running straight away.

With us, the choice to incorporate a new enterprise does not have to be complicated or difficult. As an expert in helping new companies get started, Coddan can provide professional advice and same-day support that enables firms to focus on what really matters: the business.

As the UK specialist, Coddan can ensure that all the legal and financial ramifications of incorporating a corporation are taken into account before the day, providing tailor-made memorandums and articles of association as well as a certificate of incorporation. We will provide the foundations to allow your business to really take off. Get in touch today to find out more.

Benefits of incorporating a limited company with Coddan

UK Company Start-Up

If you have an idea for starting a private company, opening a bank account for the new entity, and getting a shareholder agreement, becoming a public company, or establish as a limited liability partnership LLP - we can assist you with your requirements & provide the higher standard of support for starting-up a an enterprise online directly from the ground up.

Coddan provides professional & legal support and advice on all company' secretarial and directorship duties & internal management matters, including explanation of a UK LLC start-up benefits, LLP partnership establishment advantages & limited partnerships creation, tailored to suit our clients' business requirements.

We understand that the issues surrounding the choice in between LTD, LLC, LLP, or PLC, and a company establishment can be difficult and confusing. Moreover, the private firm start-up is important, but is the first step in establishing a corporation. Not only is there a large body of legislation and provisions governing those operating a business, there are also many administrative and accounting concerns which, if not properly addressed early on, can hinder the success of your business.

It is for this reason that Coddan offers professional business consultancy to our clients.

As experts with many years of experience with business start-up & administration, we are able to evaluate your needs, explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various entity types and jurisdictions available, explain the LLC incorporation processes and statutory requirements of each choice, and to offer you professional and impartial advice before registering a company on your behalf.

Ongoing professional consultancy with a new company start-up is the popular option for many of our clients, who want a comprehensive consultancy package which is highly tailored to their company registration needs. Such consultancy packages can include such things as tax structuring, bookkeeping and accountancy services, licensing formalities, trademark registration, and business banking solutions.

Allow us to help you to register a limited company or setting-up an LLP in London or register an LLP in Scotland, or establish an LLP in Northern Ireland, and get it running.

We will help you to select the best business structure, or fixed fee company formation with the bookkeeping and accountancy package with the Companies Registrar.

If you require initial guidance on a corporation set-up in the Great Britain from us, then phone us, or e-mail us to book a personal meeting at our office in London, at Baker Street to discuss your questions about how to incorporate a limited company. You can send us your requirements or questions about the company establishment via e-mail, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Our specialists advise you on all aspects of a enterprise start-up with the provision of HSBC, NatWest, RBS, Lloyds or Barclays business banking account, provision of a nominee director and nominee shareholder services, starting up a business constitution & on-going companies formation governance issues.

Our aims to help get you ready to open a limited company in the United Kingdom or starting-up an LLP limited liability partnership, register a foreign trust, or establish a public company as quickly & cost-effective as it possible.

It is our job to assist in evaluating the best start-up options available at the beginning. In addition, we offer the set-up of companies across the United Kingdom, companies registration in EU (Malta, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.,) and offshore company formation; register a limited company with us, and enjoy the full legal support of the excellent & fully trained companies formation team of Coddan Formations Agency.

During the companies' incorporation and partnership's set-up experience, Coddan has rapidly expanded its portfolio of offshore companies formation, - this is the result of the quality of international company registration services we offer & the trust our customers place with us. We are dedicated to deliver the quality & professional company' formation services for our local and international customers.

We are dedicated to deliver the quality & professional company' incorporation services for our UK-based and foreign customers, to enable them to use their UK registered companies, or offshore incorporated companies more cost-effectively. We have designed our UK and offshore company registration packages with the different customers business incorporation requirements and needs.

If your needs change as your business grow, then no problem, our flexible post-company formation pricing options means you can mix and match your service so you only pay for what you need.