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How to Set Up a Limited Company? Benefits of Setting Up a Private Company in the UK

Starting up a company in England, Wales, North of Ireland or Scotland: it's easy to set up a limited company with Coddan, who will help you choose the best route for your business. Whichever company type is the most suitable, we will help you to make all the right choices and can aid with any necessary paperwork. Let Coddan help with your private company start up in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, so that you can focus on the business. To start up a limited company with Coddan, you do not need to create an account or even apply for membership; you simply need to complete the company formation application and pay for the order. Upon doing so, Coddan will complete all of the other necessary requirements for you. We are authorised agent and regulated by Companies House and HMRC, with many years' experience in assisting thousands of clients in setting-up a private company.

Limited Company Start-Up in the UK, Private Company Starting-Up Across the UK

If the new company starting up is to be a limited company, Coddan can establish the private company when you purchase one of Coddan's company start-up packages. Set-up of a new limited company can often be completed the same day online, with your certification and official documents sent over to you.

Coddan can offer additional business incorporation services that you may not have even thought of, such as setting up bank accounts, nominee director and nominee shareholder services. The nominee services are the perfect alternative for company starters who wish to remain private; Coddan can assist with legal work and ensure that, should any issues occur, the company owner has full rights.

Other company help that Coddan can offer is registering a UK trust, which offers businesses and owners more confidentiality, protection over assets and lower tax bills. Trusts have helped companies for many years to pass their assets onto their children, without them having to bear the burden of the heavy penalties of inheritance tax.

Coddan also have over 20 years' experience in setting up holding companies. They handle all of the necessary documentation and ensure they are all completed accurately and legally. Setting up a holding company in the UK has many benefits, most of which are based upon taxation regulations that Coddan's accountants and tax advisers can offer advice on. The expert team will ensure that your business can benefit from the most appropriate type of formation.

Setting Up a Private Limited Company - How to Set Up a Limited Company in the UK?

Setting Up a Private Limited Company

Starting up a new company in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland: starting up a new company can be a money-saving solution. However, without the type of planning that a business formation specialist like Coddan can provide, setting up a company can quickly grow into a costly nightmare. New companies starting up in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have to ensure specific structures are in place, including banking account arrangements, VAT registration and a nominee shareholder or directorship. Coddan can help with all of this and provide a professional registered address that will enable a new company to get up and running straight away.

With Coddan, the choice to start up a new company does not have to be complicated or difficult. As an expert in helping new companies get started, Coddan can provide professional advice and same-day support that enables companies to focus on what really matters: the business.

As a UK specialist, Coddan can ensure that all the legal and financial ramifications of starting up a company are taken into account before the day, providing tailor-made memorandums and articles of association as well as a certificate of incorporation. We will provide the foundations to allow your business to really take off. Get in touch today to find out more.

Benefits of Starting a Limited Company With Coddan Companies' Formation Agent

UK Company Start-Up

Start-up a limited company in United Kingdom: if you have an idea for starting a company in the UK, opening a bank account for the UK registered company, and registering a limited company with a shareholder agreement, becoming a public limited company, or establish as a limited liability partnership LLP - we can assist you with your company setting-up requirements & provide the higher standard of companies establishment support for UK starting-up a company & registering a company online directly from the ground up.

Coddan provides professional & legal company creation support and advice on all company' secretarial and directorship duties & internal management matters, including explanation of a limited company start-up benefits, LLP partnership establishment advantages & limited partnerships creation, tailored to suit our clients' business requirements.

Coddan understands that the issues surrounding the choice in between LTD, LLC, LLP, or PLC, and a company formation can be difficult and confusing. Moreover, the company start-up is important, but is the first step in establishing a business. Not only is there a large body of legislation and provisions governing those operating a business, there are also many administrative and accounting concerns which, if not properly addressed early on, can hinder the success of your business.

It is for this reason that Coddan offers professional business consultancy to our clients.

As experts with many years of experience with business start-up & company administration, we are able to evaluate your needs, explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various entity types and jurisdictions available, explain the UK company setting-up processes and statutory requirements of each choice, and to offer you professional and impartial advice before registering a company on your behalf.

Ongoing professional consultancy with a new company start-up in the UK is the popular option for many of our clients, who want a comprehensive consultancy package which is highly tailored to their company registration needs. Such consultancy packages can include such things as tax structuring, bookkeeping and accountancy services, licensing formalities, trademark registration, and business banking solutions.

Allow us to help you to register a limited company in UK or setting-up a limited partnership LLP in London or register an LLP in Scotland, or establish an LLP in Northern Ireland, and get it running.

We will help you to select the best business structure for a new company registrations, or fixed fee company formation with the bookkeeping or business accountancy package with the Companies Registrar.

If you require initial guidance on a company setting-up in the UK from Coddan, then phone us, or e-mail us to book a personal meeting at our office in London, at Baker Street to discuss your questions about how to start-up a limited company. You can send us your requirements or questions about the UK company formation via e-mail, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Our UK company registration specialists advise you on all aspects of a limited company formation with the provision of HSBC, NatWest, RBS, Lloyds or Barclays business banking account, provision of a nominee director and nominee shareholder services, starting up a business constitution & on-going companies formation governance issues.

Starting a small business in UK: Coddan aims to help get you ready to register a limited company in UK or starting-up an LLP limited liability partnership, register a foreign trust, or establish a public company as quickly & cost-effective as it possible.

It is our job to assist in evaluating the best companies' registration options available at the beginning. In addition, we offer the set-up of companies in the UK, companies registration in EU (Malta, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.,) and offshore company formation; register a limited company with us, and enjoy the full legal company incorporation support of the excellent & fully trained companies formation team of Coddan Ltd.

During the UK companies' formation and partnership's incorporation experience, Coddan has rapidly expanded its portfolio of offshore companies formation, - this is the result of the quality of international company registration services we offer & the trust our customers place with us. We are dedicated to deliver the quality & professional company' formation services for our UK-based and foreign customers.

We are dedicated to deliver the quality & professional company' formation services for our UK-based and foreign customers, to enable them to use their UK registered companies, or offshore incorporated companies more cost-effectively. We have designed our UK and offshore company registration packages with the different customers business incorporation requirements and needs.

If your needs change as your business grow, then no problem, our flexible post-company formation pricing options means you can mix and match your service so you only pay for what you need.

Company Formation Packages for UK Residents

Online Company Setup

The new limited company will usually registered in between three to five working hours. In most instances, you will have your limited company registered on the same day that you have placed an order. There is also an additional feature that allows you to pay an extra fee & receive the guaranteed of same day LLP or LTD company formation.

We will incorporate your limited company from scratch using your own registered office address, and appoint your own candidates to the roles of a company' director, secretary (not always needed, but it is still recommended), and a shareholder.

The price you pay is determined by the level of service you require. We can discuss your options and help you to understand which business structure would best suit your needs and then you can choose from our different packages of support.

To only recommend those products and services that we offer that will actually benefit your business, based on our understanding of your needs and priorities. Therefore, for dedicated, experienced help in setting up your business as a limited company or limited liability partnership please contact us today for a free, initial discussion.

Do not want to spend more after the initial limited company registration? Call us to discuss your company formation needs and see how we can help. A UK company setting up application will be submitted electronically; we are the approved e-filing companies formation partner of Companies House' & our online company formation technology is the most advanced in our industry.

Company formation in London: we can also provide our own legal address in Central London for customers, who want to register a company but with the third party registered office address. Our fourth company registration option is cheap & cost effective way to register a new limited company, and includes the provision of the registered office address in City of London, plus the secretarial service for the duration of one year.

As the VAT registration agent, we can apply for VAT registration on behalf of your company. We have tailored our VAT registration service to appeal to those clients who are either too busy or unfamiliar with the tax system in the UK to commit to a bureaucratic process. Our professional VAT registration service is much more than the completion of a new limited company registration form, it includes the careful submission of information and documents about a UK registered company to HM Revenue and Customs.

Private Company Formation Offer

We are serving private and professional customers (solicitors, accountants, etc.). Most of our private and professional customers choosing the first company formation option.

Our fourth company formation option is particularly attractive to any aspiring entrepreneur starting-up a UK company for the first time; who has clear understanding of the mandatory responsibilities that accompanies owning a UK registered company. This is our the most popular companies formation packages for such clients who run their business from home, and who are looking to have a prestigious office address in London with a new company registration offer.

We are therefore committed to encouraging new company formation. We will advise you on the appropriate legal structure for your new business such as a limited company formation, establishment of a partnership or limited liability partnership registration, and of the implications, requirements and obligations of operating a business through a particular structure.

Online Company Start-Up for UK and Non-UK Customers

UK Company Start-Up

If you would like to register a limited company in the United Kingdom, and you are not a UK resident or British citizen, this would not have been a problem if you will appoint Coddan as your registered agent. A party to a contract who is not domiciled in England or Wales usually appoints a company registered agent for service of process.

Forming a company in UK: we, as your limited company incorporation agent will act as the agent for the acceptance of service of a company registration process in England, Wales, Scotland, or Ireland (in Belfast or Dublin).

Setting-up a company in UK: you will not be left on your own once you have registered a company, we still are here to help you with any problems that you may face as you establish and grow your business. Our advisers will answer any questions you may have and explain what you, or we, might do in your current circumstances. We can help if you need a qualified advice and guidance in any of the following areas: -

  • How to select the best business form;
  • How to start and register your own business in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland or/and Republic of Ireland;
  • How to get your company up and running;
  • How to satisfy to the new legislation (Companies Act 2006) and legal requirements prior to register a new company in the UK;
  • Reasons to register a public company, non-profit company or limited liability partnership (LLP);
  • How to establish a subsidiary company or a branch in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, United States of America, or in other offshore low-tax countries;
  • How to manage your already registered company;
  • How to fulfill the legal requirements and avoid penalties and common mistakes when sending forms and documents to Companies House; etc.

If you do not need an advice or guidance how to register a company, you may simply place an order online with automatic e-mail confirmation, status updates, and e-mail notifications of filing status changes. Areas of our company formation and UK LTD registration practice: -

  • Determination of the best business structure for the tax purposes;
  • Formation of a company (we can advise and assist with registering of a private or public companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee with or without of charitable status, RTM right to manage and property management companies, non-UK resident or UK resident companies, UK companies with the bearer shares, royalty, patent,holding and shipping companies, etc.);
  • Registration of overseas companies in the UK, registration of joint venture companies and establishment of a foreign branch in UK, registration of a place of business in the UK;
  • Provision of the registered office addresses service;
  • Provision of the nominee officers (nominee secretary, nominee director and nominee shareholder/member);
  • Registration of UK company as the tax payer in the UK;
  • Tax agent, VAT representative agent, or UK fiscal tax representative service;
  • VAT registration and VAT management, UK VAT representation services;
  • Registering of UK trademarks, and licensing of copyrights, trademarks and logo registration in the UK, EU, or in USA;
  • UK and offshore companies formation with corporate management;
  • UK Bookkeeping accountancy services in London, the year-end accounts preparation for your UK registered company or incorporated LLP;
  • Preparation and filling of statutory accounts with the Companies House and Inland Revenue in the UK;
  • Re-registration of companies (re-registration of a private company as a public, and public as a private company);
  • Opening of corporate bank accounts for the UK registered companies and UK LLPs (we work with several famous banks in the UK and in offshore countries that offer different corporate banking facilities);
  • Voluntary striking-off, dissolution and restoration of companies to the register.

About Our Electronic Companies Formation System

Our electronic filing system makes the registration of a company straightforward and very simple. You may use our electronic company formation system to register the following type of companies in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland: -.

  • Formation of a private company limited by shares;
  • Registration of a private company limited by guarantee (with or without of charitable objects);
  • Formation of a public company limited by shares;
  • Registration of a community interest company (CIC companies);
  • Formation a flat or property management company;
  • Registration of a right to manage company (RTM companies);
  • Formation of limited liability partnership;
  • Registration of unlimited company;
  • Registration of a holding, royalty, ship management or an intellectual property management company, etc.
If you prefer to order a private company registration by phone or via e-mail, or if you would like to place an order at our office, for an initial discussion, with no obligation please call us at +44 (0) 207 935 5171, or 0330 808 0089 and benefit from our personal guidance in registering a company. We are looking forward to serving you.

You will not be able to register with any package for UK customers if you are under eighteen years of age. This is because you will probably have some degree of difficulty in opening a business bank account.

LTD company formation options: when you register with the first, second and/or the third package, you do not receive any of the extra company registration services, which are available in the fourth package, nor do you receive any other documents such as described on the banner context on top of our page.

Our cheap scale company formation packages for the UK-based customers & expatriates are not available to non-UK residents, whereas we have the special scales of LLPs and company registration options specially created for non-UK customers. We are very pleased to accept company formation orders from non-UK or non-European based customers.

We can help foreign customers to register a new company in London, with the provision of the registered office address (we are providing registered address in different locations in London, and outside of London), nominee secretary, nominee director and a nominee shareholder service with the apostille authentication of the whole set of corporate documents. We can also help non-UK customers to register a UK company and legalise them with the Foreign Consulates and Embassies.

Companies Setting Up in UK

Companies Incorporation in UK

Anyone can register a UK limited company, by providing their own director(s) & shareholders; and that such director is not the undercharged bankrupt in the United Kingdom. It is not necessary for the directors or shareholders to be residents in the United Kingdom; however, you will need to provide a valid UK address as the registered office address. Call or send us an e-mail to discuss your business needs and see how we can help.

We can complete the company startup in the UK within from four to six hours without of your personal visit, you do not need to visit us personally to incorporate a UK company with nominee director, nominee secretary or a nominee shareholder.

In the case if you do not have your own personal address in the United Kingdom, which you can use as the legal registered office address for the formation of a company, Coddan can serve your personal or business registration needs by the providing of the registered office address in London, Edinburgh, Sussex, Essex, Belfast, or Dublin.

All you need to do is just to make a call & speak with us, or send us an e-mail enquiry with your company startup needs as a subject with the main numbers of your questions on how to register a limited company or a partnership in the United Kingdom.

Are you confused about what company type to choose for your business? Don't know the first step toward company registration in United Kingdom? At Coddan, we will be glad to help you in making the right choices during the process of set-up your company, along with advantageous tips on the pros and cons of control, liability and tax issues.

We also advise on the various companies that you may deem your business as. In addition, not just that, we hold the responsibility of managing corporate accounts and do the bookkeeping for your company or a limited liability partnership. There are many advantages of register of your business as a limited company. These include the protection of personal assets, greater business flexibility, raising capital, and saving money in capitals.

Personal service - Coddan retained the high quality companies' formation advisors who are extremely knowledgeable & true professionals in both of UK and offshore company startup & tax aspects. Our company formation advisers can provide customers confidential advice & also information on starting up a limited company in UK and in the Channel Islands, the Island of Man, or in Republic of Ireland.

In addition to these, as has been mentioned above, we offer tailored company registration packages for your individual business & personal requirements, whether you intend to register a limited company or act on your customers behalf, you can rely on Coddan Ltd as your company start-up agent.

Instead, you will find us very approachable, providing a straight-talking and stress-free route to a professionally registration of a company (private or public), established limited partnership, or a private family foundation.

Our widespread, cost-saving company formation services enclosed everything you need from simplest UK company setting-up to provision of all the necessary corporate documentation, obtaining notary certification, or apostille authorisation.

If you would like a personal face-to-face consultation and dedicated help with your company formation, call us on +44 (0) 207.935.5171, or 0330.808.0089 to discuss your company registration requirements and make an appointment with one of our business registration consultants. Our trained business consultant will contact you at a pre-arranged appointment time to discuss your individual circumstances, as well as your suggestions in relation to your company formation needs.

Main Reasons to Register a Company With Us

Why Choose Coddan

If you have questions about legal aspects of your company formation application, you should speak to one of our consultants. We are very happy to provide a practical support, we have a team of professional business advisers and consultants who can support you to strengthen and grow your business.

We will guide you step by step through the pros and cons of each type of UK business structures, before you decide which one is ideal for your business. Coddan makes company registration in London one of the simplest and most effortless processes for starting-up private limited company.

The main reasons to register a company with us: -

  • We have the professional knowledge and qualifications;
  • We have the experience;
  • We have been in the business for over 18 years and we intend to stay for much longer;
  • We work in a confidential manner;
  • We are multilingual;
  • We offer a personal approach that is custom-designed to your requirements;
  • We are committed to our clients;
  • We are committed to providing high quality service;
  • We take our compliance and legal obligations seriously;
  • We respond very promptly to all enquiries and problems;
  • We are committed to helping you achieve your objectives.
Company Formation Advisors

Company Formation Advisors

Our specialist teams of advisors are determined and committed to ensure they always get the best for our customers and protect their personal and business interests, we always can supply personally tailored and cost-effective company formation solutions. We pledge to work with you to find the solutions to your company formation requirements and to provide a company registration service, which is competitively priced.

Our Experience in Limited Company Setting Up

Register a limited company in UK: we can guarantee accurate company formation, confidential company registration in London, personalised, and reliable private company incorporation online services at highly competitive company formation prices. We are a customer-oriented company, we value our consumers and offer comprehensive UK limited company registration services to every one of them. We are fully aware of our client's needs and desires and try to make the company formation process of our teamwork as comfortable as possible.

Our company formation advisors are able to offer fast limited company incorporation services to individuals and companies that are doing business through the UK. Our companies formation consultants can assist in all steps of registering a UK limited company.

We can register a private or public company within a few hours; we may help you with the opening of the corporate bank account with one of the major UK or offshore banks. This is exactly what you will get if you choose to register a limited company or limited liability partnership with Coddan. We are the real company, not a or a bargain-basement internet company. Our main company formation office is locating at Baker Street in London.

Our company formation knowledgebase and companies incorporation experience with thousands of registered companies and LLPs has shown us that many new business owners want the fastest and easiest route to get their new business started.

Experienced company formation consultants ensure clients to get a practical and adventitious companies registration advice with regard to the company formation in UK, registration of the LLPs, and establishment of the UK trusts.

We may assist to register a right to manage company, create a flat property management, register an intellectual property management, ship management, or charitable companies. Our local companies formation in London advisors, lawyers and accountants are the best in their field, carefully selected for their professional ability, reliability, and integrity.

We do not hide any fees from our consumers, because the price of a company formation in London transparency is essential to us. Our companies registration service' fees and company formation fees are provided to our customers upfront.

Call us and speak with one of our company formation knowledgeable advisor. There is no cost or obligation, let us help you to register a new company in United Kingdom. By focusing on a specific profile of the client, we are in a better position to continually evolve and develop our services. It also means we are never compromising on our level of company startup service; Coddan operates on the team basis, with a highly trained range of staff that can satisfy your needs.

This makes us an accessible and reliable choice for a UK company formation in London, and we will always be on hand to assist you with UK company setting up, or offshore company formation. In some cases, this may involve more than one product, but it is important to remember there is a tangible benefit in dealing with a firm where the product of an offshore company formation is secondary to the company registration advice: -

  • Only having products recommended to you that will integrate themselves in your current business incorporation plan;
  • Having a level of trust and honesty between Coddan and you;
  • Never having to worry about the cost of your advice being inflated due to the product bias.