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Main Reasons to Register UK's Limited Company Online With Us

Main reasons to register a limited company with us


You get on with the business and leave the setting-up of a limited company to Coddan

In business today opportunities can flash passed in a moment, and the seasoned entrepreneur keeps their eye well and truly on the market, ready to grab them as they appear. In such a buoyant and opportunistic environment the sensible entrepreneur does not want to be completing forms and filing returns.

Why people are registering as a limited company?

If you're a new start up, you have decided to incorporate (the act of creating a limited liability company) to protect your personal assets against the risk inherent in any business venture. You may also be looking for the status and credibility that company incorporation gives you; indeed large customers may insist upon it.

Convert your current business into a company

If you're already in business as a sole trader or a partnership you may have decided that now is the time for that next step to limited liability. Your existing customers and suppliers have rights and it is important that those relationships are transferred carefully from one businesses entity to another, with transparency.

But neither credibility nor protection will be there if the company is not set up correctly.

How to setting-up of a company?

You will need form IN01 to apply for registration. This gives the address of the registered office, the type of articles, the names and addresses of the directors, and a statement of capital and initial shareholdings.

Then there's the memorandum of association. This gives the names of subscribers and authenticates their agreement to become members. That's followed by the articles of association, which are basically the rules, agreements and restrictions defining how the company may operate. Critically it also defines the areas of business that the company can operate in. This must be drafted in a way that allows your company to grow organically as market opportunities appear.

Register a company with Coddan

Does that sound complicated? At Coddan we would have done all this for you, online, for just £24.99. In the same time you could have done business worth thousands.

Time waits for no business

If time is of the essence and you need your UK company formation completed quickly, then Coddan can have your company registered and free to commence trading the same day, online and usually within the hour.

That's fast, but there's no compromise to the robust legal protection you will have. Because we're a business, we understand business, and because we've been in this business for over twenty years, we have used that experience to hone our processes to provide an unrivalled quality of service at the keenest price we can bring to market.

And we can also offer this service for companies to be registered in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Services to get you going

While the process of a company registration in the UK is designed to encourage business; that does not imply an informal or lax approach to procedures. There are practical issues to consider that could otherwise slow down the application and your freedom to trade under the protection of limited liability.

Formation of a company with registered address

You may have yet to decide on a registered office. At Coddan we can offer you the facility of a registered office address in London, Edinburgh or Belfast. You may decide later, once the business is more established to move it to your own premises, or you might prefer to continue with the convenience of this service.

Formation of a private limited company with the professional secretary

If you really don't want to be bogged down in paperwork; with the risk of missed filing dates and subsequent penalties, we can also offer our professional secretary service. For a small fee Coddan will pro-actively manage all of your dealings with Companies House, making sure that you don't inadvertently get caught out.

Get off to a good start

So, it’s decision time.

You can do it yourself. You can use a firm of solicitors or accountants where setting-up companies is a small part of their business. Or you can come to Coddan and see what an excellent, efficient UK limited company formation service is really like, online or in person.

Let us do what we're really good at so that you can do what you’re really good at, we are regulated agent by Companies House and HMRC.