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Same day UK company formation: legally robust the Coddan way

There are times when you just can't go at the usual ponderous pace of the UK legal system and you need an expert adviser who can get your business registered and ready to trade within twenty four hours, without compromise to compliance or customer service.

Take an example, you're talking to a US contact; the opportunity's hot and you've decided a joint venture UK subsidiary is the right vehicle for both parties. You and your US counterpart need to keep the target warm and sweet; so you need to be able to hand the company formation task to a partner who can pick up the baton and run with it on your behalf. That company is Coddan, a UK company formation and registration specialist for over twenty years, and with experience of setting up and incorporating new businesses across the globe.

We can take your requirements, online if preferred, and within 24 hours, sometimes as little as 60 minutes, we will e-mail you Pdfs of your certificate of incorporation, your memorandum and your articles of association. You will be ready to trade, legally and with the full protection of limited liability.

Legal Reassurance

At Coddan we have been managing the formation of companies for so long that we have the experience to streamline our processes to exactly match the requirements of Companies House. This gives you not only a very rapid service but also allows us to offer you market leading low prices.

Within minutes of receiving and confirming the necessary information we will have prepared form to apply for a company registration. This gives the address of the registered office, the type of articles, the names and addresses of the directors, and a statement of capital and initial shareholdings. If you don't have a registered office we can additionally provide the service of providing a registered office address in London, Edinburgh or Belfast; perfectly acceptable to each Companies House.

Then there's the memorandum of a company. This gives the names of subscribers and authenticates their agreement to become members.

That's followed by the articles of association, which are basically the rules, agreements and restrictions defining how the company may operate. Critically it also defines the areas of business that the company can operate in. This must be drafted in a way that allows your company to grow organically as market opportunities appear.

As the listed agent at Companies House website, e-Filing agent, we are authorised to submit all documentation electronically, saving sometimes days of delay.

At Coddan we do this by holding a combination of stock companies for "off the shelf" processing. These can be known as aged, vintage or seasoned companies but they all offer the same benefits. They have existed for some years, which can give credibility, e.g. established in 1999; and they are guaranteed never to have operated, in other words there are no skeletons in the cupboard and the original member shares remain intact.

Beware the company formation agents who use agent directors for initial registration and then resign before transferring shares to the new directors and members. This can cause critical delays particularly when setting up bank accounts where sight of the final company documentation will be required.

If the business opportunity is that hot you need to be able to accept or make electronic payment immediately; switched on partners and customers just won’t wait for you to complete the paperwork.

Ready, steady … trade!

You're nearly there, within the hour you could be holding the certificate of incorporation of your new company.