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Registration of a UK's Limited Company Online Check-List

Formation of a UK limited company check-list


Limited company formation and Due Diligence requirements

To start a limited company in the UK, it is necessary to register with Companies House, the official Registrar of Companies. Companies House ensures that all companies follow the rules and regulations of the Companies Act. In order to accept a registration, they require the following information:

Company Name

The company name must be free of sensitive words and must not be the same as any of the names already featured on the register. It is advisable for an individual to check the availability of their chosen name using our company name check service. Companies House will reject any names that are similar to those of existing incorporated companies.

Company Address

The company must have a registered office address in the UK. Companies House, HMRC and other governmental departments will use the registered office address to contact the company. Companies House verifies addresses through the Post Office so it is essential for the address to be recognised by the Post Office.

Once verified, the address is recorded and displayed for public viewing through the the Companies House website. Entrepreneurs who prefer not to publicise their address in this way or desire a more prestigious address can use Coddan's registered office service. A Post Office box (PO Box) address cannot be used as a registered office address.

Officers' Details

To incorporate a private limited company, it is essential to appoint at least one director, who must be over the age of 16. A secretary may also be appointed, but this is optional. Both the directors and secretaries of a company are referred to as officers.

Each officer must supply the following information:
• Full Name
• Residential Address (this information is not accessible to the public)
• Service Address (this can be the same as the registered office address)
• Country of Residence (the country where the address is located)
• Nationality, Occupation, Date of Birth and Former Names
• Consent to Act Information (at least three items of personal information, supplied in place of a signature)

Companies may appoint shareholders that take the form of other companies or firms. To register a company or firm as a shareholder, it is compulsory to provide the following information:
• Company Name
• Registered Office Address
• Details of the Legal Form of the Company
• Company Registration Number

Share Capital Details

It is necessary to supply the following share capital details:
• Number and Class of Shares
• Nominal Value of the Shares
• Amount Paid on Each Share
• Currency
• Totals

Shareholder Details

It is essential to supply the names and addresses of each of the initial shareholders in the company (also known as subscribers), as well as the prescribed particulars of the rights attached to the shares, including details of voting, distribution, dividend and redemption rights.

Once collected, the aforementioned details can be used to register a company with Companies House. While due diligence requirements ensure that all company formation agents verify the identities of those who wish to use their services, the company registration process takes only a few hours to complete upon the receipt of accurate information and authenticated supporting documents. Those who successfully pass the due diligence check receive a certificate and listing on the WebCHeck section of the Companies House website.