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Home Limited Companies Benefits to Register a Holding Company in the UK Advantages of Registering a Holding Company in the Republic of Ireland

Advantages of Registering a Holding Company in the Republic of Ireland

What are the advantages of registering a holding company in the Republic of Ireland?

Registering a Holding Company

Coddan offers a range of Irish holding firms formation services through our extensive website, and this includes expert advice about the benefits of registering a holding entity in Republic of Ireland. While many companies choose to establish this presence within the United Kingdom, there is a growing list of reasons to establish a holding enterprise in the Republic of Ireland.

As another member state of the EU, the Irish Republic offers a comprehensive range of tax benefits that are attracting businesses from all over the globe, and Coddan Eire holding company formation advisors are able to assist companies with the entire incorporation process.

In recent years, the Irish government has made a huge effort to remove a lot of the administration and paperwork that affects tax activities of holding companies. When US businesses are considering register a holding company in the Republic of Ireland, Coddan advisors can complete the paperwork that allows them to continue to use US GAAP for the continuation of their tax affairs, and this is just one example of how international businesses can complete an easy transition to a base in Ireland.

A number of concessions are also in place to reduce capital gains tax liabilities across international borders, and the 'Double Tax Treaty' network is also growing steadily for Ireland-based holding companies.

Many of the world's leading international businesses and enterprises establish holding companies in Ireland due to the rate of corporation tax, and this is set at just 12.5%. After this requirement has been satisfied, there are normally no other taxation regulations to take into consideration, and the comprehensive set of taxation regulations can be explained by Coddan Formations Agency Irish holding companies establishment specialists.

If we recognise the potential benefits of this arrangement for an individual business or client, we can take care of the entire process - all the way from the initial analysis to the completion and filing of paperwork. If establishing a holding corporation in the Republic of Ireland is looking like an attractive proposition, get in touch with us today to discuss this further.