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Benefits of a Holding Company Formation in the UK after Brexit

Benefits of a holding company registration in the UK after Brexit


Holding company formation after Brexit

When establishing an international holding company, location is paramount and something to consider very carefully. You need to be certain that the company's location gives it favourable conditions to operate in. Now that the UK has exited the EU, business and trade in the country certainly look a bit different. Despite this, the UK remains an attractive location for setting up a holding company.

The stable legal and political systems in the country, as well as its taxation regime and wide-reaching international tax treaty network, meaning there are some serious benefits of a holding company formation in UK after Brexit. Many of the key advantages that come from a holding company formation in the UK are not affected by Brexit at all.

Advantages of registering your holding company in the UK after Brexit

The UK has a vast network of tax treaties with countries throughout the world, and this is a great benefit when reggister a holding company. These agreements remain unaffected by Brexit because the UK already had long-term tax treaties arranged with European countries. In most cases, these reduce withholding tax levels to zero. This is one of the main advantages of straightforward holding company formation in the UK after Brexit, and is certainly something to think about when considering your options.

Beyond that, many of the UK's regulations for holding companies were not changed when the country exited the EU. These include its ongoing low rates of corporation tax, no minimum in paid-up share capital for limited companies, and no capital duty on shared capital.

Regardless of Brexit, dividends received by UK companies continue to be tax-exempt for the most part and withholding tax continues not to be placed on dividends. Additionally, the capital gains tax exemption on the disposal of trading subsidiaries and the non-imposition of capital gains tax on profits from selling shares in a holding company continues to be the case post-Brexit.

Get in touch to set up your UK holding company after Brexit

There's no doubt that the UK is a desirable location for the formation of an international holding company. If you want to register a holding company in the UK in a timely and straightforward way, use our trustworthy expert ervices. We're well-known experts in the new holding company formation in the UK, and we aim to take any difficulties out of the process.

Through us, you can establish a holding company  within hours. We collate and submit all of the documents required to properly register your holding company with Companies House, and provide you with all of the relevant documentation once the registration has been completed. Contact us now for the professional and reliable holding company set-up.