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Benefits of setting up a holding company in Seychelles

Setting Up a Holding Company

Benefits of setting up a holding company in Seychelles: when companies grow and expand, and new ones are set up in the organisation, forming a group of them, the owners often look at ways of increasing their profitability by being in advantageous tax environments. One way to do this is by setting up a holding company overseas. There are many attractive foreign destinations where organisations can form holding companies. One of them is in the Seychelles, where there are enormous benefits for offshore holding companies registration.

Register a holding company in the Seychelles, an archipelago nation just east of South Africa, confers no tax liabilities whatsoever on foreign firms as the rate of corporate tax is set at zero. It's also not necessary for international holding companies registered in the Seychelles to pay an array of other taxes, including capital gains taxes and others. Additionally, taxes are not applicable to dividends, or such other incomes as interest, rent, royalties and many more.

Of equal important to foreign business people registering holding companies in the Seychelles is the anonymity afforded to them under the country's company laws. It means the identities of the company's officers are not listed on official registers and are instead kept confidential.

Also, just one director is required to register a holding company in Seychelles and it can be an individual or a company. A company secretary is not necessary under law and the only one shareholder is required, and it can be the director. The director can be of any nationality and can live anywhere in the world.

Other benefits are in the areas of running the holding company in Seychelles. The Seychelles holding company does not have to file annual returns or accounts and the accounts can be kept anywhere, not necessarily in the Seychelles.

Annual board meetings of holding companies registered in the Seychelles are not required to be held, and members of the holding company do not have to be physically present for meetings as they can take place over the phone or via such remote means as video conferencing over the internet. If you would like to know more about setting up a holding company in the Seychelles, talk to Coddan Formations Agency today and we can advise you how to proceed.