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Fast company registration
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Company start-up from £24.99,

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Home Limited Companies Benefits to Register a Holding Company in the UK Post-Registration and Maintenance Services for Holding Companies

Post-Registration and Maintenance Services for Holding Companies

Post-registration and maintenance services for holding companies

Open a Holding Company

Post-registration and maintenance services for holding companies: Coddan' holding company registration advisors have more than 20 years of experience in setting up holding entities for clients all over the world, and their expertise stretches beyond the initial stages of this arrangement. Once a holding firm has been established, it is important for business owners to take advantage of all of the associated benefits that are on offer.

Through our website, Coddan can provide a range of services that relate to the legal, commercial and taxation opportunities that come with this form of holding company setup.

Tax efficiency will always be one of the major motivations when setting up a holding company, but legal compliance is absolutely paramount - the consequences of operating outside of the regulations can be grave. Coddan has access to an experienced team of accountants and tax consultants, and they can ensure that all tax relief is applied in a legal and ethical manner.

A variety of concessions are available when trading shares through a holding company (as well as benefits upon receiving dividend payments), and clients have the extra peace of mind that comes from dealing with a consultancy that is officially recognised by HMRC and Companies House.

If setting up a holding company is desirable for the purpose of having a separate business address, Coddan can arrange for a holding corporation to have a nominated location for all correspondence. For effective record keeping, all incoming communications can be held and filed at a dedicated location, while the main operations of the business take place elsewhere. If a surprise inspection of documents was to occur, this could be carried out with little disruption to the everyday activities of the main company as it would happen away from the premises.

Coddan also has the ability to provide nominee directors, and this is particularly useful for business owners with a desire to keep their name from appearing in the Companies House register. Full control of the business is never transferred in real terms (legal documents are drafted accordingly), but at the same time there is an official point of contact.