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Statutory accounts

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VAT registration & returns

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Company start-up from £24.99,
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Company secretarial services

Home Limited Companies Benefits to Register a Holding Company in the UK Reasons to Register a Holding Company With Coddan

Reasons to Register a Holding Company With Coddan

Reasons to open a holding company with Coddan

Establish a Holding Company

Reasons to open a holding company with Coddan: when clients set up a holding company with us, they get an unrivalled service that combines long experience with low rates and results that are fast. There's no need to go to the bother and expense of hiring solicitors, having endless meetings and conversations and dealing with oceans of paperwork when it can all be done easily and swiftly using Coddan's online holding company incorporation application process.

We have a range of holding company registration packages to suit individual circumstances, and they start at only £52.00. As part of these packages we can provide a domiciled office address for 12 months, which is especially beneficial if clients do not wish to use their own.

Our registered office addresses are in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast. The chosen registered address is where the holding company will be officially established with the authorities, including Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs. All official correspondence from the authorities to the address will then be forwarded on to you. We can also provide nominee services for the purpose of incorporation, for company directors and secretary, if required. This provides a level of anonymity for the owners.

Forming a holding entity in the United Kingdom usually take between six and eight working days, and when it's completed you will received the original certificate of incorporation as well as the special drafted memorandum and articles of association. You will also get a copy of the minutes of the first meeting of the holding company's directors, along with share certificates and the company register.

In cases where our nominees are used for holding company formation, clients will also receive a signed and undated resignation letter from the nominee director. This can be used to change them to your own, should you one day wish to do so. A general power of attorney signed by the nominee director will also be supplied, thus removing the nominees from any direct involvement in the holding company, as well as indemnity documents concerning the nominees.

Setting up a holding company with us, gives clients a streamlined, all-inclusive package that comes at highly competitive rates. Call us today and we'll help establish yours: we can assist you to establish a holding corporation in England, establish a holding firm in Scotland, incorporate a holding enterprise in Northern Ireland.