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Help With Registering a Flat Management Company in Northern Ireland

Help with starting of a flat management company in Northern Ireland

Company in North of Ireland

Help with starting of a flat management company in Northern Ireland: if you live in an apartment block or a development of flats, you will probably share some common areas with other residents, such as hallways, gardens and a roof. Many of these areas will, from time to time, require maintenance and repair.

Every resident in the development usually contributes a monthly fee that is intended to fund such tasks as and when they arise, but the money in the fund needs to be managed fairly and according to the law. One way of managing such a fund in Northern Ireland involves the registering of a flat management company.

While there are several ways of managing the collective funds of flat-owners, perhaps the best and safest way is to do so through a limited company. The flat management company registration process in North of Ireland involved is identical to that involved in the registering of a normal business in Northern Ireland.

A number of paper submissions must be made with NI Companies House, and that's where are services can help. At Coddan, we are experienced and highly knowledgeable in property and business law, so we can ensure that registration of your flat management enterprise in Ulster is fully compliant with the law.

We will manage the collation and completion of both the memorandum and articles of association, and we will also take care of assigning private company directors. When your new flat management entity has been registered, we will then forward your certificate of incorporation without delay. However, our expert services don't end there.

We can assist you in a range of associated matters, such as the registration of a flat management company bank account, as well as providing guidance on the rules surrounding dormant companies registration. Your new property management company will not trade, therefore it will not make a profit. It is important to arrange its affairs in such a way that corporation tax will not be payable, and our company registration experts can help in the regard.

Getting your Northern Ireland flat management company up and running involves either a quick phone call or the completion of our on line registration form. Our expert flat management company start-up expert will not only register the appropriate documents on your behalf, they will provide your new organisation with a registered address if one is required. We can also provide meeting minutes and nominated directors if they are needed. Managing a development of flats can become rather complex and open to disagreements between residents; however, by managing your collective funds via a limited company in Northern Ireland, you can ensure collective funds are managed appropriately.