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Forming a Joint Venture Company in Northern Ireland

Setting up a joint venture company in North of Ireland

Company in Northern Ireland

Setting up a joint venture company in North of Ireland: companies in Northern Ireland that want to enter into an arrangement with another private company so that they can work on a project for their mutual benefit can get invaluable help and assistance with Coddan. We have many years of solid experience working with companies entering into joint venture agreements, in Northern Ireland and right across the United Kingdom, and can set yours up for you in a straightforward manner and at the lowest of fees.

Registering a joint venture company is an effective way to grow your venture business in terms of scope and profit without the risk of merging with another entity and in the process losing yours altogether. It's a constructive way of working with another limited company without legally entering into a partnership with them.

At the outset of registering a joint venture company, it's essential that you are properly briefed on what is required, starting with negotiations with the other party. You need to know what has to be decided and allocated, in terms of staff from both parties that will be designated to work on the joint venture project as well as the division of profits and any losses that might occur.

It's therefore essential that you talk to experts in joint venture company registration in North of Ireland before proceeding, and at Coddan, our team of business consultants are ready to provide you with initial consultations and guide you through the entire process. Only when the new joint venture company is properly established can you really concentrate on the business tasks ahead.

In Northern Ireland, as elsewhere in the Great Britain, normally there is no official approval required for a new joint venture operation. Approval may only be required where both parties have a large share of the marketplace, as this would trigger competition laws and the Office of Fair Trading would be compelled to investigate.

When you have all of the details of the joint venture worked out with the other side, you will be ready for the registration process. We will register a joint venture agreement and articles of association outlining what the new enterprise is about, including the management structure, capitalisation, power sharing arrangements and resolutions of disputes. Registering a joint venture company in Northern Ireland couldn't be simpler. Speak to us today to find out how you can profit from entering into such an arrangement and let your business grow to new heights.