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Benefits of private company formation in Northern Ireland

Forming a company in Belfast with a nominee director, shareholder and a secretary

Company Registrar in Northern Ireland

Forming a private company in Belfast with a nominee director, shareholder and a secretary: Coddan Formations Agency can take the stress out of registering a limited company in Northern Ireland by ensuring compliance with the requirements laid down by the UK government and Companies House in Northern Ireland. For those who live outside of the United Kingdom or who wish to remain anonymous, Coddan's nominee services can help to register a private company quickly, allowing the owner to get straight down to business.

There are many legitimate commercial reasons why a business person might want to keep their involvement with a company limited by shares in a secret. By appointing of a nominee director, the business owner can avoid her name featuring on Companies House's records.

The nominee director provided by Coddan will not run the limited company, instead the beneficiary owner will be given the general power of attorney to run it on the nominee's behalf. On account of the company director being legally responsible for the activities of the limited company, Coddan require assurances that they will not be exposed to undue risk from their behaviour.

Similarly, anonymity can be secured by having a nominee shareholder. In this case, a contract will be signed between the beneficial member and the nominee shareholder to the effect that the shares can be transferred to the beneficial member at any time the member chooses. Dividends from the shares will accrue to the beneficial member rather than the nominee shareholder. The nominee shareholder can be a separate company registered by us, in order to hold shares rather than a person.

Finally, Coddan's nominee secretarial service makes it easy for business owners to comply with the requirements to file annual accounts and other statutory information. For an annual fee we will ensure that all returns are made on time, thereby avoiding the possibility of fines from failing to submit acceptable documents.

The nominee secretary service is of particular benefit to people based outside of the Great Britain, who want to register a business in Northern Ireland. While there is no residency requirement for directors, shareholders or secretaries, it makes sense to have access to someone who understands the intricacies of UK company law.