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Private Company Creation in Ulster With a Business Bank Account

Limited company creation in Northern Ireland with a bank account

Company in Northern Ireland

Limited company creation in Ulster with a business bank account - if you wish to further your North of Ireland private company's business reputation, and reduce your personal liabilities with regards to debt accrued by the business, the best thing you can do is to register your business as a private limited company. Coddan is the trusted established company registered agency, and we are here to assist with all aspects of company limited by shares registration in Northern Ireland.

Why use a companies registrations expert in Northern Ireland? The process of registering a private company in Ulster with Companies House in the United Kingdom can be long and tedious if using the traditional paper filing method. Mistakes can be made, and these can put the business start up process back by several days at a time.

It can be 10-14 days before the company is registered, even if the application is error-free. It is possible to register your NI private limited company on-line, but only by buying the specialist software produced by Companies House - hardly a cost effective method if you only intend to register one limited company once.

There is an alternative, however, North of Irish business registration experts, like Coddan, already have the software to enable clients to quickly and easily register their companies. In fact, Coddan offers several limited company registration packages in Northern Island, and as well as expert advice (avoiding the common errors made in applications to Companies House) we also offer a series of other useful services as part of each package.

Business bank accounts can be useful: because we know that a business banking account is a very useful thing, we have created good relationships with several UK and more than a few of foreign banks. This means that we are able to refer you to the bank of your choice, making it far easier for you to obtain a business banking account very quickly. Just choose the package that is right for you, and give us a call on +44 (0) 207 935 5171. We can help to register an enterprise on-line and open a business bank account with HSBC, Barclays or NatWest banks.