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Services Available After Limited Company Registration in Northern Ireland

Services available after limited company set-up in Northern Ireland

Online Company Registrar in Northern Ireland

Annual companies maintenance, legal support and post company registration services in North of Ireland: as well as making the process of registering a limited company in Northern Ireland extremely quick and easy, Coddan Formations Agency can provide a range of private company post-registration services to help you run your business.

One such service is the provision of a prestigious Belfast office address for your business registered office address. This is useful for people who run their businesses from home, but would like the sense of professionalism that comes from an upmarket Belfast location. A registered legal address in Northern Ireland is also a requirement if you want to register a limited company in the province. This makes Coddan's registered office service very useful for people who want to register a business in Northern Ireland, but who don't have access to a property there. A certificate of a registered office address to the effect that the address is your registered office will also be provided.

Alongside the provision of a registered office address Coddan provides a mail forwarding service for official mail sent to your office address. Official mail can also be scanned and sent as an email attachment if that is more convenient. If you want to protect your business name in the United Kingdom, or in EU, we can help with a private company registration in Belfast with the trademark registration, please contact us for the further details, or submit your company registration form online!

Other North of Ireland companies post-registration services include the provision of nominee directors, nominee shareholders and nominal secretaries. The rationale behind a business owner purchasing the first two of these services is generally to keep his involvement with the private company a secret. There are often sound commercial reasons for not wanting competitors to know of your involvement with a particular limited company.

By registering a limited company in North of Ireland, using our nominee members you avoid putting your name on the public record by registering yourself as a director or shareholder with Companies House.

Nominee secretaries can provide services ranging from reminders to file statutory returns, signing company documents right up to preparing and filing returns themselves. This is useful for people who are either unable or unwilling to take responsibility for meeting the statutory requirements imposed by government.

Many of the services provided by nominee secretaries can be provided by us, separately from the nominee officer behalf. These include annual reminders of when to file statutory accounts, monitoring changes in the company's share ownership and keeping abreast of relevant legislative developments so that appropriate action can be taken.