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Company Formation via a Solicitor vs Company Registration Agent

Company registration agent vs a solicitor

Solicitor vs Company Registration Agent

Company registration agent vs a solicitor: when you come to start-up your firm, one of the first questions you'll face is whether you should entrust the operation of enterprise registration to a solicitor or to a company registration agent. There are endless companies advertising on the internet to establish a firm immediately, for next to no money, so why should you go to a solicitor?

Well there are a number of reasons, even if you end up taking the middle road and combining a trip to the solicitor with a company formation agent. At Coddan, we actually recommend this course of action.

A solicitor will take the time to talk you through private company registration and the connotations involved. Their time is relatively expensive, but then if a solicitor gives you one piece of information that helps you along the road of limited company creation then it is surely money well spent. When you have finished an appointment with a solicitor and talked through all your concerns then you will have more confidence to launch your organisation and you will have the peace of mind that goes with knowing you have looked at all the options.

Some business formation agents are scrupulous and will take the time to truly understand your activities and suggest alternative structures to help you make the most of your income and minimise tax, among other things. Others will not, and will simply take the money, carry out your instructions and leave you out there on your own.

You will need a solicitor or an accountant at some stage during the incorporation process, too, to witness documents and to prepare the memorandum and articles of association. Therefore, it can be cost-effective to combine this process with a general meeting to ensure you understand the responsibilities and potential penalties if you fail to adhere to them.

That said, once you know what you want, it can often be much more cost-efficient to transfer to a company formation agent like Coddan. A solicitor can charge many hundreds of pounds to establish a company on your behalf, while business start-up agents are generally much cheaper and will handle your limited company registration in much the same way.

So a meeting with a solicitor can save you going down the wrong road at the start, and save you trouble. However, once you have the clear sign and you know you are going the right way, the company formation agent is the fastest and cheapest way to get it done in a hurry.