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Foreign Intermediaries vs UK Company Start-Up Agents

UK company formation agents vs foreign intermediaries

UK Company Registration Agents

UK company formation agents vs foreign intermediaries: if you are outside the Great Britain and are thinking of opening a company limited by shares here, it can be tempting to work with a company creation agent in your home country. After all, they speak your language, but it can often cost more and be less effective than working with a registered agent in the United Kingdom like Coddan.

This is because a UK-based start-up agent will be able to offer better advice on the way to structure your organisation, whether it as a sole trader, a limited company, an LLP or something even more advanced. A registered agent in the UK has access to the latest legislation and knows if a recent change in the regulations means you are better served with a certain package. It also knows how things work at Companies House and can establish your company the same day if necessary.

If you are contemplating a registered office then British companies formation agents often take the trouble to secure the most prestigious addresses that mean something to the UK population. This will make a huge difference to the level of trust a potential customer places in you. A proper address in Central London, for instance, is a far more effective sales tool than a PO Box in a suburban backwater.

UK-based registered agents also have packages ready to go so can provide a fully VAT-registered company with a domain name off the shelf. It would take foreign agent days simply to find the information required. When they have the information, most of them will simply sub-contract the work to a company formation agent in any case, as they have no experience of the British system. With that in mind, a foreign agent is often an extra, unnecessary link in the chain.

Foreign agents can also charge thousands of pounds to provide a service that costs a tiny fraction of that to actually carry out. Coddan offers many business registration packages that cost less than £119.49, so you do not need to spend excessive amounts to register a company limited by shares in the United Kingdom.

Of course, it makes sense to seek proper advice in your home country, especially if you have the correct structure in the UK and can withdraw profits in the most tax efficient way possible. However, the United Kingdom has its own rules and opportunities, so it is best to work with a local expert who can navigate the limited company registration maze and has already done so for thousands of other clients.

So if you are thinking of registering a business in the Great Britain, then come straight to the experts for advice that will save you time and money. Come to Coddan and see how we can help you build a better business from the very beginning.