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Accounting and bookkeeping services

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping services: for anyone who has never submitted a statutory return on behalf of an Irish private company the requirements can seem mystifying. To make matters worse if returns are not submitted, or are not submitted on time, your limited company could be liable for significant fines. We can help take the stress out of meeting regulatory requirements with its accounting and bookkeeping services in Republic of Ireland.

For a reasonable and cost effective annual fee we can help by giving you notice of when to prepare and submit your company's annual accounts. Going further than this we can help by preparing and submitting your accounts on your behalf. VAT is one of the most complex taxes for companies to administer. Owing to the complexity of the tax, it is very easy for companies to either underpay or overpay. We can help ensure that your private company is registered for VAT and can help you to meet the requirements imposed by the tax for an annual fee. We will ensure that you don't end up paying more tax than you need to.

Services relating to VAT include storing copies of invoices and archiving them so that if the government chooses to inspect your business for compliance with VAT legislation the inspection will take place at Coddan's premises rather than your own. This is potentially a very attractive service for people who work from home. We can also prepare and submit VAT returns on your behalf.

Another service offered by us is a cost effective payroll system that won't impose unreasonable costs on your business even if you have only a single employee. If you would rather keep payroll in house then we can assist by advising on what you should do to meet legislative requirements without incurring unreasonable costs.

Another service that we can provide is on-going advice on structuring your business so that your tax liability is minimised. Coddan has more than twenty years' experience advising limited companies on how to conduct their business in a tax efficient manner. Other areas that we can assist with include strategic planning and using your annual audit to tighten up your business practices.