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Company Start-Up in Ireland vs. UK

Company registration in Ireland vs. the UK

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Company registration in Ireland vs. the UK: Ireland may not be seen as the business capital of the world and it has been hit hard by the recent recession. However, there are some key benefits on offer if you do decide to register a limited company in Ireland, which are probably less well known than the benefits of forming a private company in the UK.

The benefits of a company formation in Ireland mainly centre on tax advantages. Irish companies pay lower rates of corporation tax than English entities, by setting-up of a limited company in Ireland you are able to take advantage of this very attractive tax rate. The Irish Government has frozen the tax rates on Irish companies at just 12.5% because you are investing in the country. In the UK organisations are currently taxed on profits at a rate of 20% - 23%.

If you register an Irish company and the products and services you provide qualify, you could be exempt from paying tax for three years. It is always best to check if your products and services qualify before basing any company registration decisions on this information. However, it is a great incentive for companies offering products in a number of areas such as medical, carpentry and electronic equipment to bring their businesses to Ireland.

If you form a company in Ireland, you could benefit from a tax exemption on any international income. This is provided that the company doesn't make any money from Irish customers. Private company registration in Ireland, is the perfect solution for a holding company. In fact, many international firms, including companies from the UK, are choosing to operate all or part of their business from Ireland because of the huge financial advantages.

Whether you register the limited company in the UK or Ireland you will benefit from double taxation treaties designed to help you avoid double taxation where the same income is taxed in two countries. Both Ireland and England have well established agreements with a number of countries across the globe. Double taxation treaties include corporation tax, capital gains tax and income tax.

When registering a limited company in the United Kingdom or Ireland, you protect the interests of shareholders and directors. In both countries, forming a limited company means that the company is seen as a separate entity; shareholders and directors are not liable for the company's debts or obligations unless their personal conduct when running the company is called into question.

Registering a limited company in both the Great Britain and South of Ireland means higher levels of credibility. You are more likely to be able to attract investment as a limited company, either through shareholders or business investment schemes.

Depending on your motivation and objectives both the UK and Ireland offer very attractive environments for registering a business. Whether it's lower rates of tax, building trust with investors and customers, for example, having a UK trading arm to support your British customers, or protecting the directors and shareholders with limited liability your business will be well supported in both countries.