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Private Company Formation in Éire Online

Private company formation in Éire online

Forming a Company in Dublin

Private company formation in Éire online: once you've decided what your Irish business is going to do, as in the services and products you'll offer, you need to decide upon a business name registration and make sure there isn't a similar firm already registered with ROI Companies Registrar that could affect your business name registration choice. It's better to do this before you've invested time, money and your emotional involvement into a brand identity that then has to go in the bin.

With a business name fixed and registered, you have to decide on the business structure. This isn't as simple as it may seem and there may be a structure you are simply not aware of that fits your business needs and provides advantages you may not know about. For instance, most people start out as a sole trader or register a private company, and both can be highly effective ways to structure your business.

A limited company registration in Republic of Ireland is a tried-and-trusted method that protects your personal assets in case the business fails, can provide dividend payouts to reduce your tax payments and more.

But the business world evolves constantly and now many companies big and small are taking advantage of limited companies registration in Dublin, and other ways to form a business that protects their assets, their identity and their capital. You can even register a company in Dublin, which might be the best way to streamline your tax affairs from the start.

Coddan can offer a world of opportunities that you may think are beyond the scope of a small business starting out. We can register an Irish company in South of Ireland, provide nominated directors for your private company, registered office addresses in Dublin, and more to keep your home and business life separate. We can even provide a full-set up for business registration for overseas clients that wish to remain anonymous, down to business bank accounts and a registered place to store your accounts.

Once the structure is in place there are other factors to consider. Do you want to run the business from your home address in Republic of Ireland, or would it be an advantage to have a prestigious address in the centre of Dublin or other city from which to run your limited company in South of Ireland?

Filing Annual Return

Filing annual return after a company formation

An annual return must be filed with the Registrar of Companies, together with the appropriate fee. In compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act, the Registrar of Companies may strike off a private company for failing to file an annual return in respect of any one-year off the index. The first annual return date in the case of a newly registered private limited company will be six months from the date of registration. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

If you're thinking of registering a limited company in Dublin, then we can help you with everything, from a limited company registration in Dublin through to tax advice - and you'll be in fine company. Every year thousands of people decide to take the plunge and become their own boss. It's an empowering moment and can go on to become the first day of the rest of your life, but only if you get the planning right or let the professionals take care of it for you. If you're thinking of starting a business, then, or even if you already have, contact Coddan for expert company registration advice in IE.