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Requirements to Register a Company in Republic of Ireland

Requirements to register a private company in Republic of Ireland

Requirements Register Company

Requirements to register a private company in Republic of Ireland: the Republic of Ireland has a number of benefits to offer any business thinking of setting up in the country. Aside from the fantastic location, there are a whole range of other benefits such as the availability of a young, qualified workforce, quick registration and low share capital requirements. In order to register a private company in the Republic of Ireland, a number of things need to be taken into consideration. We outline these requirements below.

If it's your first time forming a limited company in Republic of Ireland and indeed you are new to the business world, we offer a range of support services that can help get up off the ground and keep you going. Instead of spending valuable time on opening bank account, registering with Inland Revenue, filing your first annual accounts and annual returns in Republic of Ireland, bookkeeping, taxes and accountancy, we can handle all of that for you so that you can concentrate on growing your new business.

The Companies Registration Office in Ireland, requires that businesses submit the following in order to register as an Irish limited company:

  • Completion of Form
  • Submission of the memorandum of association
  • Submission of the articles of association
  • The appropriate company formation fee

Should a company wish to do so, they can also reserve their desired business name on line by using CORE (Companies Online Registration Environment) and paying a fee of €25.00.

About the Registration Form: this Irish company formation form has different sections which applies to different types of companies. Private companies which are limited by shares will have a maximum of 99 shareholders and these members are liable to the amount of any unpaid shares in holding should the company cease.

When completing the Registration Form, key details about the Irish company registration will be covered including the business name, where it is registered (registered office address), details of key staff including directors, secretaries and chief executives as well as details of shares and shareholders. Those completing the form will also have to provide details about the nature of the business and the activities that it will engage in.If you are forming a private company under the Companies Act 2014, you need to appoint at least one director, resident of EEA, who is ever 18 years old. You cannot appoint a director if he or she undischarged bankrupt. If your director is not EEA resident, we can assist with the non-resident director bond for two years, our fee is £2,500.

Assistance with registering a private company in Ireland: Coddan can help to establish a private LTD company in Republic of Ireland within 5-7 days, we are able to provide inclusive packages which cover the task of formation of your private company and ensuring that forms are completed correctly, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Coddan will ensure that your Irish limited company formation is processed quickly, that shares are handled accordingly and take care of any fees related to the application inclusively in your price. You will also be provided with copies of your certificate, memorandum of association and articles of association documents and extras such as a copy of minutes of your first meeting of your directors as well as copies of certificates for your shareholders.

Contact one of Coddan's friendly team member for more information about private company set-up in the Republic of Ireland.