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Incorporation of a Public Company Limited by Shares in Scotland

Incorporation of a public company limited by shares in Scotland

Public Company Registration in Scotland

Incorporation of a public company limited by shares in Scotland: unlike a private company, a public company has access to the capital markets, can sell shares in itself via a stock exchange and can advertise its securities for sale to the public. The drawback of registering a public company is that there are additional requirements when compared with a private limited company. Coddan can help make the registration of a public company in Scotland easy.

When you register a Scottish public limited company it is necessary to have two directors, two shareholders and a company secretary. One of the directors may also be the secretary. Coddan can provide a company secretary to fill any or all of these roles for an annual fee.

In order to register a PLC it is necessary to have £50,000 of allotted share capital. Of these shares a quarter, or £12,500, must be paid up. In addition any premium paid on the shares (amount paid in addition to their market value) must be paid in full.

Before a public company starts trading it must have a certificate that entitles it to do business and borrow known as a trading certificate. The trading certificate will be posted out to you or faxed to your nearest Companies House office as soon as we have it.

Registering a Scottish public company is extremely quick and easy using Coddan's on-line system. A basic public company formation in Scotland starts from £145.00 and will have your company ready to trade within 6-8 working hours. Coddan's system allows you to nominate your directors and secretary at the outset rather than setting up with experts in place who then resign as other companies do.

The Coddan approach avoids the delays and confusion with banks that follows from setting up with experts as members. We can also supply a letter of introduction to a UK bank to set your account up.