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Private company registration with shareholders agreement, register a limited company and get the shareholder agreement

Coddan Formations Agency can help you register a limited company quickly and easily, dealing directly with Companies House to incorporate the company with a shareholders agreement. The whole process can be completed online and a variety of companies registration with shareholders agreement packages are available, from just £59.99. At Coddan Formations agency, we devise a shareholders agreement that can be between two or more parties who intend to enter into business together with the new limited company establishment. If you wish to incorporate a company and get the shareholders agreement, please get in touch with us and we will arrange a new company limited by shares registration with the shareholders agreement on the same day!

Registration of a private company with shareholders agreement for UK residents




This private company registration with shareholders agreement and business bank account is for customers, who have an address in the UK, & want to keep it simple, paper free forms.

The following documents will be sending via e-mail upon the registration of a limited company with shareholders agreement:

    • The certificate of incorporation;
    • The Coddan tailor-made memorandum & articles of association;
    • The shareholders agreement and free referral to open a corporate bank account.



This limited company registration with shareholders agreement and bank account is for people who already have a UK registered address & require the basic company start-up plus additional documentation provided by e-mail & send FOC by post.

This UK company registration offer includes all services mentioned in the first option, plus:

  • The meeting of the board of directors;
  • Share certificates;
  • The company' register;
  • The laminated certificate of incorporation (free delivery by post).



This offer is for customers who want all the traditional trappings of a private company registration with shareholders agreement & with bound documents.

This offer includes all benefits mentioned in the first & the second options, plus free delivery of:

  • One set of the memorandum and articles of association with a company's registers printed & premium bound;
  • The first meeting of the board of directors, elegant printed shares certificates & the official company rubber stamp;
  • The certificate of the beneficial owner.



This limited company registration with shareholders agreement package especially for expatriates & UK residents, who are requiring register a company with a registered address in London.

This private company creation offer includes all benefits & items mentioned in the first & the second options, with the addition of:

  • The registered office address in London;
  • The government mail forwarding;
  • The secretarial compliance service & the certificate of the registered office address;
  • Additional services are available.

Registration of a limited company with shareholders agreement for international clients




This British company registration package especially for non-UK residents, who are requiring registering a company with shareholders agreement, repute legal address in London & nominee director.

This private company registration offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:

  • The provision of a nominee director; the signed power of attorney;
  • The signed, undated resignation letter from a nominee director;
  • The agreement for the provision of the nominee directorship service.



This is one of the most popular company registration with shareholders agreement packages, nominee shareholder, as an additional option to the nominee director, & registered office address in London.

This new business entity registration offer includes everything in the second option, plus the following enhancements:

  • The provision of a nominee shareholder service for one year;
  • The declaration of trust signed by a nominee shareholder;
  • The certificate of the confirmation of a beneficial owner. Bank account is available on request.



This is our most comprehensive company registration with shareholders agreement package with all documents verified by solicitor & certified by the apostilled stamp.

This private company formation offer includes everything in the third company start-up option, plus:

  • The certification of all corporate documents including a power of attorney by practicing solicitor or notary public & the final verification of all company' documents by an apostille seal.
  • Coddan will supply corporate and attorney-in-law rubber stamps. Additional services are available.

Limited company establishment with shareholders agreement, advantages of the private company registration with shareholder agreement

Coddan offers limited company formation with shareholder agreement: if you are setting up a private company with someone else, or with a group of people, you might be tempted to sort out the establishment of the limited company first, and then think about a shareholder agreement later. It's actually really beneficial to register a private company with shareholder agreement at the same time.

The registration of the limited company will establish the share ownership among the directors. A key advantage of registering a limited company is that the shareholders are not personally liable for any debts the company may incur in the future, however, detailed annual returns have to be submitted annually.

Companies will naturally evolve over time, and the lives of the directors are likely to change too, and this is where a shareholder agreement can help. It can establish how the company is financed, whether by investment in shares, or as a loan, both now and in the future, and can protect minority shareholders and the financial interests of all shareholders and their families. Businesses can falter or even fail when the directors in a company are in disagreement; a shareholder agreement helps prevent a stalemate occurring, as it can set out decision making and dispute resolution processes.

A shareholder agreement can also provide for changes to the share ownership in the future. For example, it can establish what happens when a director wants to leave the company and sell their shares, or suffers a serious illness that makes it difficult for them to continue in their role as a director. It can even establish what happens if a shareholder dies, stating that the surviving spouse has to offer the inherited shares to the other shareholders as a first right of refusal, before offering them to someone outside the company.

Coddan, as your business start-up agent, has a tremendous amount of experience in this area, having registered companies and drafted shareholder agreements all over the globe, so it is well placed to advise you on registering your limited company and putting a shareholder agreement in place.

Registering a private company with shareholders agreement online

Company Formation With Shareholder Agreement

UK private company registration with shareholder agreement: legally, relationships between shareholders and the company in question are regulated by the company's constitutional documents. It is more common practice amongst companies that have a smaller number of shareholders to implement a shareholder agreement. A shareholders agreement is confidential amongst the parties involved and is generally easier to form, revise and terminate at a more cost effective price. They are used to regulate voting rights and ownership, provide management control and most importantly protect the company's competitive interest. As a leading provider of business formation and company registration, Coddan can efficiently and effectively set up your private company registration with shareholder agreement. If you need assistance with a company start-up with shareholders agreement, you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171.

UK limited companies registration come with the shareholder agreement

UK Company Formation Including Shareholder Agreement

At Coddan company registration agent, we can swiftly and easily register your private company to include the shareholder agreements in order to give you more control over your business. It is especially important to have company start-up with shareholders agreement in terms of preventing shares being purchased outside of the company environment.

In the event that members of the company want to step down, it can be critical for the remaining members that they're able to choose who owns those shares, either themselves or someone else that they locate. This prevents the shares being sold to individuals outside the company structure.

Upon the company incorporation, the shareholders agreement is not required to be filed at Companies House and can be changed or amended by agreement alone instead of meetings as required under company law. In addition, the shareholders agreement can be terminated at any time and again just by agreement.

The shareholders agreement concerns the individual parties' shares in the company and sets out the ways in which the company will be run as well as what to do in the event of disputes. It also details how profits are distributed and how the business can be ended.

We have a number of packages for company registration with the shareholders agreement to cater to different needs, and they start from just £59.99 with no additional charges for the provision of a shareholders agreement. When the company is registered you'll get all the documentation, including the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association.

To help you get your new business up and running as quickly as possible, we are able to provide you with a free referral to HSBC, RBS, Lloyds or Barclays business bank accounts, where you can get a separate corporate bank account. Our expert UK limited companies registrations consultants are available to provide you with initial guidance and right through to the completion of private company start-up with the shareholders agreement and beyond, with a wide range of companies incorporation support services. Talk to us today and let us help you to register your limited company in Great Britain with a shareholders agreement.