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Advantages of Starting-Up a Private Company with the UK Registered Trademark

The advantages of opening a corporation with the UK trademark registration

UK Company Formation With Trademark

The advantages of opening a corporation with the UK trademark registration: although many business owners may be working under a serious misunderstanding in this area, there is a world of difference between the trading name of an registered limited company and the trade mark. In spite of clear communications from the IPO in the United Kingdom (the Intellectual Property Office), many individuals believe that the name of their incorporated private company has the same level of protection as an official trade mark - this is simply not true.

If a limited company startup is necessary for trade mark application, the team of specialist staff at Coddan can handle the entire process from start to finish, while also providing expert analysis and insights when required.

Historically, any successful idea or concept has attracted its fair share of imitators within a short space of time. While a physical invention will usually be patented as a matter of course, the same approach needs to be taken when it comes to intellectual property. This type of asset is described as anything that is an idea or a concept that cannot be physically touched, and it is therefore relatively easy to copy - especially in the modern era of the Internet.

When a company limited by shares needs to protect terms and phrases that could easily be used by a competitor, setting-up their enterprise with Coddan is an effective first stage of the process of a limited company start-up with trademark registration offer.

Once a business has been created, our advisors can assist in the drafting of a UK trade mark application to the IPO. In the event that the trademark would also be required for overseas territories, we can assist with the extra formalities that are involved, such as a number of separate applications. If the name of the incorporated business is not suitable (under the IPO rules and guidelines), adjustments and alterations can be suggested to increase the chances of a successful outcome. One major factor in the process is that a genuine need for the UK trade mark needs to be demonstrated, and having an existing incorporated company of the same name adds considerable weight.

Once the business establishment and the trade mark are in place, a firm has an extremely strong defence against unauthorised usage of their most valuable trading term or phrase. For more information about starting-up a business for the purposes of obtaining a related trade mark, get in touch with us today.

Company start-up with the British trademark registration online: our advisors have many years of experience in forming various types of companies - one of the most important decisions that a new business needs to make relates to its trading name for official Companies House records. Unfortunately, many new business owners believe that registering a company name automatically protects it against unauthorised usage/copying - some even believe that a registered name and a trademark are the same. As far as the law is concerned, there is a clear distinction between a name and a trade mark, and they will need to be handled separately.

Our specialists are able to deal with the formalities that are necessary for registering a trade mark. In the United Kingdom, trademarks are the responsibility of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), and any application needs to be made directly to them.

After the successful formation of a company with us, we can proceed to suggest terms that could be protected as a trademark. The IPO publishes a very specific set of guidelines for getting company terms accepted, and if dealing with this authority directly is a daunting prospect, we will take care of everything as part of our service.

If a company has already been registered with Companies House, the IPO will see that the applicant already has a genuine need for trademarking the same term or words. This element adds emphasis to a trademark application, and our specialists will assist in getting all of the necessary documentation in place to prove this. In the modern business world, it is very important to obtain the necessary protection for any intellectual property that is vital to the operations of a business - digital media has made it very easy for ideas and concepts to be spread and copied.

While a simple company name is wide-open to copying, a trade mark is backed by a comprehensive set of legal restrictions, and it provides the ultimate protection for a name. For more information about setting-up a company with the registration of a trade mark, get in touch with the team at Coddan today through our website.