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Benefits of Setting-Up a Company For Trademark Protection

The benefits of setting up a UK company for the trademark protection

Registering Company For Trademark Protection

The benefits of setting-up a private company for the trademark protection: in modern business, protecting intellectual property is one of the most important factors in ensuring the ongoing profitability of a limited company. The Internet and other forms of digital media have made it incredibly easy to copy concepts and ideas, and it only takes a few moments of browsing a mobile application store to see how individuals are keen to profit from the successes of other trending names and terms.

Within the United Kingdom, an application to register a trademark will usually only be considered by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) if a private company can demonstrate some sort of 'ownership' of the word or phrase, and a registered business will already have a formal record of using the same term.

When getting a company registered at Companies House, businesses may assume that this automatically gives their name the same kind of protection as a trade mark - this is a foolish assumption to make. It is even more dangerous to be under the impression that a registered name and a trademark are one and the same, but in legal terms they are totally different elements. Coddan advisors have many years of experience in this field, and they provide expert guidance to businesses that need to setting-up a company for trade mark protection.

The entire process of a company set-up with a trademark registration can be handled by the specialist team at Coddan, and this begins before the application is formally made. After enlisting our services to get the business officially incorporated, the existing name is analysed to see if it would also be suitable as a trademark. The IPO publishes a number of guidelines regarding the suitability of a term to be used as a trademark, and we  will be able to construct an application that reduces the chance of rejection at this stage.

By using our experience in this field, we can ensure that other companies have not already tried to claim a similar term, and they also appreciate the need for a swift and accurate application. For more information about registering a private company to protect a trademark in the UK or in EU, get in touch with us today.