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Company Incorporation with Trademark Protection for UK & Overseas Customers

Create a UK limited company with trademark protection

Company Formation With Trademark

Create a UK limited company with trademark protection: although the modern economy is truly global in a number of aspects, with seamless operations from one nation to another, there are certain legal aspects that need to be dealt with on an individual basis within countries. One of these activities relates to the application for a trademark registration in UK, and they will only usually apply within a single territory. If a limited company wishes to protect their intellectual property around the world, a considerable amount of work will be required to complete the private company incorporation with trademark registration formalities for each nation, and it can help to enlist the assistance of experienced specialists in this field - the team at Coddan.

In order to complete the process of UK trademark registration successfully, it is advisable to establish an incorporated company in the United Kingdom - this is one of the easiest ways to prove ownership of a particular term. As long as the business name does not fall foul of trade marking guidelines (the Intellectual Property Office in the Great Britain provides a useful list of these), a pre-existing company name will be looked upon more favourable when the final decision is made. In the event that some further development of the trademark registration is required, we can assist with research and insights into this area.

If a business outside of the United Kingdom wishes to obtain a trademark registration within England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or in the Republic of Ireland, Coddan can provide assistance and submit the relevant paperwork. Trademark registration requirements differ from one jurisdiction to another, and so it makes good business sense to employ a specialist when dealing with the nation's IPO. This company startup with the trademark protection service is competitively priced, and it can work out far more economical than the time and money that could be spent with repeated failed applications. It is also advisable to establish a private company to strengthen the relevant trademark registration application, and we can arrange this for individuals that are unfamiliar with the process in the United Kingdom.

For more information about opening a company in order to register a UK trademark (for local and overseas customers), get in touch with us today.