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The Importance of a Company Secretary

The importance of a company secretary

Company With Secretary

The importance of a company secretary: it was a legal requirement to appoint a limited company secretary before the introduction of the Companies Act 2006. Now that it is no longer a requirement, many companies make the mistake of thinking that a company secretary is not necessary, which is not the case.

People tend to overlook and in turn, underestimate the duties of a private company secretary. The word secretary carries with it many connotations that seem daunting, which may be a reason why directors neglect the role of appointing a company secretary in the first place. However, this does not change the responsibilities that companies adhere to and the tasks that secretaries must do. In the majority of instances, companies will not appoint a secretary, and if they do, the director often adopts the role additionally.

By performing two roles in a company limited by shares, this may affect your business as the likelihood of forgetting to conform to certain obligations rises. There is also the issue of additional stress that will apply to the person undertaking the extra role, and this may affect their duties all-round.

The aim of this page is to explain at length what a company secretary does, and to show the vast implications the absence of a secretary can have on your company. We will also demonstrate how having a secretary can greatly affect the progress, efficiency, and overall success of your company, and be an asset – rather than a hindrance – to your business.